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my most carefulll beautiful music ever casio w/revrev

(for esp-disk website, 2002)

some things on the music */[...]/*

i or so

avoidance of noise ,then how to schedule fury or furious ,how to
subtend silence */how to breathe ,how to subtend breathing/*

i don't want this thinking: that this is exploring instrument,
instrumentality ,nor a field ,subtended by fingers or mouth ,no
more than body

but the joist of particle physics ,muons on a sense of virtual
particles on another

(a b) (a, b) (a / b) (a : b) (a | b) (a f(a, b) b)

it is all resonance ,surprising ,metallic overtones ,ringing: i
remember just several sounds slowed into what seemed right even

*/thinking among unthinking ,something about emptiness ,but
something about thrust and elimination ,the tube ,the platform/*

foreign names touched by cultural illiteracy ,materials ,soundings,
emptied virtuosities

stringed, it is stringing ,perfect tautness ,resistance of
parallel field ,tension of endpoint separation ,tension of
separation */tension of aspiration ,breath-length ,incomplete

i do not want to duplicate this ,i do not want to duplicate an

*/i wanna be an other ,i dont wanna be an other other ,i wanna
be hir ,i wanna be hir breathe/*

something informing ,hypnagogic as if you might dream this ,an
other or dream an other this */i wanna breathe hir/*

but not tiring ,tirade ,more of a space of a sounding or what
might be 'some of a sound' */i dont wanna tirade ,now too much
violence everywhere, wanna something else/*

of mewling ,howling ,whimpering ,murmuring ,seething ,then this amazing

neither to be where you have been nor will have gone there ,here is
one alone ,playing music ,playing music together

tending the wood ,nylon ,skin ,metal ,plastic ,catgut ,horsehair
,wax, bamboo ,bone ,or tending the wires */tending the reed ,the
silk ,sub-tending the air within ,thinned line among these/*

the absence of metaphor ,wires ,no paralleling ,the difficulty
of absence ,no equivalence ,no identity ,just as everything else is,
or remains ,inert

sound of the obdurate ,sound of the inert

ii or so

learning to play these ,evenings or nights' mornings ,but with
all respect ,coaxing ,no world music ,no world but what ,are we
brought, to */,but what world has brought us/*

here's an idea ,so i'll do it ,hear what happens ,when new ,then
so it is brought */,then so it is given/*

always writing in silence ,always playing in silence ,playing
silence, listening silence ,enormous roiling ,slow extinction of
the planet, these last sounds ,instrument making ,them

she got up from the music ,he got down to the music,
he got up from the music ,she got down to the music

you'll be telling me specifically what you want to know,
i'll be telling you specifically what you want to know

allowing myself the courtesy of being-deaf,
allowing yourself my fingering you ,of being-sound & of mind & body

listing ,yayli tanbur ,ukulele ,cobza ,hasapi ,cura cumbus
,hegelung, rababa ,electric saz ,valveless chromatic harmonica
,parlor guitar, classical guitar ,alpine prime zither ,alpine
elegy zither ,like the emptying of names */listening to others
,fast-forward changing instrumentation/*

unknown on my fault ,something else of shameful ,refusing
abjection in the moment when nail and steel ,flesh and wood

unknown ,everywhere i look ,unknown

iii or so

i'm not giving you what you want ,that is ,an entry into this
sound, some of an anecdote ,or at the very least, an explanation
,as in, 'you owe me an explanation' */or you owe me nothing ,or
you begin ,just now ,to owe everything ,you owe nothing to me/*

i wouldn't know how to begin ,perhaps in eternal sorrow
,mourning, every minute of the life ,or the slightest peaks of
joy ,or stories about failure quantum-tunneled into music of
unutterable beauty ,or musics

or something about how these instruments came about ,what do i
know of their arrival ,or this i know ,their attraction for me
,sounding of the world through them ,fretless ,they are teaching
me how to listen ,place each finger in its rough exactitude
*/,watch the finger travel/*

or fretted in narrowed intervals ,what might be ,for others ,or
those places of others ,a difference in any world ,or numbers of
worlds ,worlds without number ,over and over again, desperately
listening ,listening ,as if something might come about, occur
,just by the sheer force of it

or the slow sweep of the bow as left hand fumbles for tone or tune,
begins its slower repetition ,*/[...]/*savoring

iv or so

it is more you want ,more you ever want ,this savagery ,this
lack of mine ,of yours ,one more word ,phrase ,sound or tune
,book or text, of book and of sound ,of tune and of text ,that
will do it ,completion, or suturing ,the fullness of the world
,fecundity, repleteness, lathering ,or foam of planck mass
,length ,time ,of vacuum and an energy ,of particle and fray
*/,too much physics ,unthinking ,what this has to do with it
,revrev and anticipatory architectures ,philosophy and
archeology of hope/*

this savagery a savagery ,silence a quiescence, calmness ,the
piercing ,of things ,of some things ,on the music ,on the music

lost and forlorn lettrisme

lost and forlorn lettrisme from the IRQ3 conference
at Brown University, gallery exhibition, lost words
and texts, murmurs and enunciations, whimperings and




PROLOGUE BUKHARIN: Repentence is often attributed to the
Dostoyevsky mind, specific properties ofthe soul ("l'ame slave"
as it called), and this can be said of types like Alyosha
Karamazov, heroes "Idiot" other characters, who are prepared
stand up in public square cry: "Beat me, Orthodox Christians, I
am a villain!" But that not case here at all. "L'ame psychology
characters thing remote past our country, pluperfect
tense. Such do exist or perhaps only on outskirts small
provincial towns, if they even there. On contrary, such
psychology found Western Europe. JULU: Excellent. And what want
you do, Alan, say. You will learn from very good way learn:
VYSHINSKY: Tell us nature your wrecking activities. ZUBAREV:
When was working seed cultivation department People's
Commissariat Agriculture U.S.S.R., were accused Chernov spoke
about yesterday: causing confusion cultivation, lowering quality
seeds, employing bad mat- erials, sifting, careless storing,
result all reduction yield, but also hostile mood peasantry,
dis- satisfaction with these so-called selected seeds. Alan:
This excellent, my best. What criminal activities People's
R.S.F.S.R.? Here consisted first wrongly planning sowing
vegetables; particular, little attention paid development
vegetable growing eastern districts, where developing enormous
importance... Jennifer: learning so hard here. PEOPLE'S
Published by MOSCOW 1938. Jennifer, Julu, Nikuko applaud.  All
three together: wonderful! How matters stood butter, interest me
stage investigation. have spoken salt, sugar, how held back
commodities sale population sabotage, etc. did butter? ZELENSKY:
We don't sell butter rural districts. asking sell. above selling
main - country... see goes. amazing. They been out, clear end
wreckers executed. Nothing could clearer. One must service one's
country. LEVIN: ...Gorky loved fire, flames, we made use this.
bonfire would lit for him. Just when Gorky feel fatigue after
his work, chopped branches gathered together, flame kind- led.
near bonfire, hot there, had harmful effect health... ...And
fact, second third day arrival grippe-infected house, fell sick
grippe. soon complicated croupous pneumonia imme- diately took
serious turn. Nonetheless, Professor Pletnev consid- ered plan
drawn carried through, purpose medicines which Julu: Oh oh,
awful! an awful thing! cannot be- lieve is! PRESIDENT: As
regards necessary bring decrease number livestock. RYKOV: Even
more than that. These instructions, Goloded said, duly received
poles... Oh! Attacks every side! Nikuko: Woe! within without!
KRESTINSKY: ...Further Trotsky developed idea necessity ter-
rorism, diversions. In speaking them, considered diversionist
acts terrorism point view both applying them time war
disorganizing defensive capacity Red Army, government moment
coup d'etat, same time, terrorist make his, Trotsky's, position
stronger give him confidence negotiations foreign governments,
cause he able refer fact followers Sov- iet Union sufficiently
strong active... dearest us! Trotsky! Something done now! There
foes inside out! KAKAZOV: ...Now before you, Citizens Judges,
murderer Menzhinsky, help shuddering being overcome horror think
despicable crime into dragged. Not minute disclaim blame crime.
contrary repent rid myself nightmare. curses Kakazov perfidious
crime! To death perfidious Kakazov! basis aforesaid, guided
Articles 319 320 Code Criminal Procedure R.S.F.S.R., The
Military Collegium Supreme Court Sentences...[list 18 men]
supreme penalty shot, confiscation their personal property. All:
saved saboteurs country! Death traitors! BLOC TROTSKYITES! Jews!
wonderful play, Ladies Gentlemen, hope enjoyed it. given much
on, because truth, always difficult, best play world! Please
take care Thank you! KIM IL SUNG: Hello, member audience happy
play. If countries, though small, pool strength fight resolutely
against imperialism, peoples knock down U.S. imperialism
decisively overwhelming power each front. people country making
revolution should tear limbs off beast over world behead
imperialists appear strong, many countries attack sides join
mutilating way, become impotent bite dust end.

oh Great Leader, done?
Our Party Right 'Left' opportunism,
while upholding banner unity.
good, drag renegades revolution!
Exeunt Omnes.

Curtain Rises

JENNIFER: beg pardon horrible crimes committed beloved having
carefully her death, diet, sabotaging asthmatic medications.
sleep night, recognizing misery caused State; punishment deter
future generations murder mayhem. course alive, ever talking
about? Julu's corpse us: Poor, poor Julu! My knows no bounds;
next several months, live grieving realizing never atone hideous
her, through State, Country, itself. stop that? silly besides,
you're ginning scare me! guilt aggravated long deceived
betrayed placed me; wormed graces. need hardly mention repent,
repentance does proof exposure broadest light day, benefit has
deprived Julu. Please, come getting ridiculous nothing, I'm
quite well, thank right front you.

Are crazy?

Disgraced, thrown dust, leaving life, recount
sad, tragic career, serve lesson those murder
commit mayhem, beautiful there recount? Only friendship together
State Country disgraceful behavior towards her. fense whatsoever,
just millionth part crimes, thinking "the imagination," sentenced
death. heinous realize crimes. sit prison tens years!
gone mad! reading too novels! believing lies! Look alive it's
Jennifer! Years weigh heavily nightmare committed, sincere
repentance, admit everything, thought criminal.
It talk crime, friend, calling harm blackened trampled most valuable
thing, bond between us. became hastened she prime problem now
sentence richly deserve.
COURT: name commission entrusted JENNIFER!! Falls

You're going die.
I'll kill ALAN: fucking myself.
fuck anyone to.
NIKUKO: won't fucked anyone.
I've killed Jennifer.
Look, three.
Julu Where everyone?
Breathing Being
curtain rises.
<Empty stage: Noon lighting, bright, yellow.>
falls halfway.
Blood seeps curtain, oozes onto floor.
color blood: Bright red.
Late afternoon medium, orange-yellow.>
falls, three-quarters down.
Dusk dark orange-red.>
Bones fall spatter break Evening dim red.>
black blood curtain.
Night, lighting.>
remains twenty minutes.
leaves theater.
hem wet.

charge agriculture. forgive rudeness, charge. Either leaders
followers. Forgive me. organization. know, form provocateur work
take. answer

Who betrayed. utmost importance survival responsible see.
<Jennifer enters.>
know sight. two ways.
Exactly, true every-
one. Time pass. bear heavy responsibility.
graves hateful traitors grow weeds thistle, covered eternal
contempt country's honest citizens, entire people. us, sun shine
its luminous rays bright joyous before. Over road cleared last
scum filth past, we, people, leader teacher, president head,
march before, onwards onwards, greater goals.
<Pause, silence.>
President leave.>
All, some others, seated.
stands, applauded Jennifer stands: wish introduce PRESIDENT.
sits down, nods.
nods, standing.
sits: guide years, Suddenly looks wise.
Community foundation may say
whatever want, without fear coercion.
Alan everyone participated opportunity.
remain are.
Acts Actions . Scenes Separations
actions scenes separations called mend suture. Eternally, made,
whisper scripts ears, turn caring move eternally,
sitting circle. waiting turns
speak. one another. say? players. broken scenes. say, scene
another, few
acts, calls made. speeds endlessly body Your bones separations?
Wa fever cpmpeny cpmfprt. hpwavar tha dasart; thls ampty
THEATER: empty space. actors. lights audio magnifications.
CATWALKS: favor company comfort. however desert;
sunshine. night.
speca. brlght llght shnshlna. nlght:magnification
bones. Without dull steady
ground-equipment. night magnification equipment.
seepages. devour :Tha Thaetar: Hara wa era ln Thara ls np ehdlanca.
ectprs. heva naad pf llghts
space lights. Brought forth THEATER, pr ehdlp ::and Devour Pick
Forth nlght!
THEATER sunshine! night!
<Curtain stage.>
forgotten. continues. lot things Roar roar roar. avatar. sense
presence tumor. breathe virus.
announcements we're human.
thanks quiet. No wants hear listens, function language. threaded
words, though, any order. order doesn't
says perfectly powerful; splintered, broken,
gives power. ever. grows.
elected official.
term decided term. outliving Roar.
official yours extend tongue. tongue takes lips. mouth.
house up, exit.>


Mon Oct 15:11:42 EDT 1999 THIS IS ISN'T REAL DATE.Mon 15:12:07
living time!Mon 15:12:25 WHAT DEVOURS TIME.This world!Mon
15:12:58 WHO HAS STOLEN TIME.Mon 15:13:16 playing new 15:13:29
CHANGED.Mon 15:14:58 running around President's whee whee!
Jennifer!Mon 15:15:16 can't talk! Help! Help!Mon 15:16:18
15:16:19 fun go everywhere!I HAVE BURNED MY TONGUE OUT YOUR
RUINED EYES.Mon 15:15:40 see! 15:16:06 God, He makes speak
Nicely write Interesting God Everything nothing tell Him! GOOD
am! does! Him style! style floods ground Wet straight Very Happy
God! really do! wondrous Good Loves hold Breath His Wonders!
believe loves goodness! happiness prayer fulfillment! Would Ah,
accumulations run-kludges! rose place.>

Long Wonderful Play Plays

... murderer!
making, ready...
hear. sleep; navar sleep.
Doctor Leopold Konninger: Nikuko, understand other.
says: doctor.
remove clothing.
says:: wear tutu.
pirouettes cameras sfx text
Nude nude Konninger sfx.
Quickcam segments Nikuko's voice describing sex.
transparent skirt Dovctor.
Konninger, fully dressed, dance.
open kimono mouthing AAAAH shinto guardian.
Male Ballet Dancer moves neurotically
Three still dance shots halt.
tutu perform Musical Number.
woman's face appears superimposed train.
Doodah song accompanying half-naked naked Doctor.
dances strangely herself right-hand side.
lies exhausted blanket wearing pink 400,000 pieces.
Piece 381,924 piece 381,924, addressing Hello Julu-Julu; in.
Maybe thing.

sparsing then now

they are training among us they are training within us
they are cancer among us they are retraining us
they are cancer they are restraining us
they are among us they are training us
they are training us


dunno but the clarion register's kinda swell but with the #1
reed, i dunno, it's kinda difficult to get up there though i
swell my breath and sometimes i dunno, it doesn't catch good.
but it's kinda swell in the chalumeau, all those intervallics.

you know you dunno you know you scare, dunno but you can tell us
why you dunno either. sometimes i just sit here and wait for
stuff to happen and bugsy molloy - i hear you you - i dunno,
sometimes i think it's some kind thing comes up behind counter
joking awhile could see kinda liberal so busted kinda high, "we
got some swell times together." "I kinda like him too." "Hiya
there "don't let them throw you!" "smart "i we're swell times
together." kinda like huge yes; that's even it's up, you kinda
believe useless. the believe I kinda floating between doing art
for arts sake and crazy. At first I really was kinda worried, I
dunno, it's swell. Oh, the turmoil! Oh, this is to those ghosts
who swell our bodies, oh i can see the land swell around you
like a wound, say see the land swell around you like a wound!,
"let's have some swell times together." "I kinda like him too."
"Hiya there, don't let them throw you." "smart swell times kind
together, I dunno."

the right hand knows what the left hand is doing

the left hand knows what the right hand is doing

(See Ways of the Hand, the Organization of Improvised Conduct,
David Sudnow)

left hand
       41     526    2791 yy
right hand
       58     721    3978 ww

question is, can she keep control? That left hand of hers on the
throttle i shall pile them on my left hand and my right. left
hand rubs up against the jam, leans hard near where the ceiling
i shall pile them on my left hand and my right. left hand rubs
up against the jam, leans hard near where the ceiling not _that
on the other's hand,_ which may be the left hand, the hand left
behind, as well as the hand behind the back - or the left hand,
which I left hand, place right hand over glass. PRESS . . . and
it vanishes. The Jennifer outlined a subroutine in the scroll
with her left hand. Azure has six fingerprints on her left hand,
five on her right, six on each of her feet. The sixth on her
left hand is on the palm; I imagine body forward, holding your
hands concave/convex (the left hand arched away separated body
forward, holding your hands concave/convex (the left hand open,
right hand resting on her stomach, left hand on the edge of her
left together, the left hand on the text and the right hand on
the image. Daishin Nikuko climbed with her left hand. She met
Daishin Nikuko com- and put his right and left hand upon him.
The left hand side rear of the bottom of the coffin nailed to
the back front of the coffin nailed to the left hand side of the
coffin with two with two nails. The left hand side of the coffin
nailed to the top of the the left hand side of the coffin with
two nails. The floor of the coffin nailed to the left hand side
of the coffin with two nails. Now what. i shall pile them on my
left hand and my right. head shall them stomach left hand right.
or the slow sweep of the bow as left hand fumbles for tone or
tune, resorting to the question is, can she keep control? That
left hand of hers The left hand, sinister, labors; it's at work
making culture. It at. The right hand's tacit knowledge is
misplaced; the left hand is in the material itself, the depths
of the cavern. The left hand the nails on my left hand are
almost always cut very short, but the material itself, the
depths of the cavern. The left hand together, the left hand on
the text and the right hand on the image. right hand upon his
tail. With his cry shall the seas be moved, and he down the
right hand side was struck i thik would give my right hand to
save all of mankind. i would give my right left hand, place
right hand over glass. PRESS . . . and it vanishes. The fingers
of my right hand, which gives me considerable speed. There are
played; they are all held in the right hand, with the thumb over
the ing down the mountain, with great difficulty, her right hand
holding using her strong right hand in her climbing. Jennifer
continued to smoke from the cigarette in her right hand. The
right hand is obedient, answering to the call of the left; the
left is against the lower palm of the hand - and the right hand
hovering all the on my right hand for guitar and that they
embarrass me; that I cut my QUIET THERE (in the right hand
corner) LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT. Separate! smile. Point across
the space with the index finger of the right hand at from the
body, the right hand arched towards the body), draw them across
pile. Sweep outward with your right hand, indicating negation.
Now you arched away from the body, the right hand arched towards
the body), draw folded shut and fit perfectly in the palm of my
right hand. My first stroke. I decide to look at 2- or 3-stroke
right hand radicals. There is a open, right hand resting on her
stomach, left hand on the edge of her left together, the left
hand on the text and the right hand on the image. would give my
right hand to save all of mankind. i would give my right ing
down the mountain, with great difficulty, her right hand holding
using her strong right hand in her climbing. can't do my usual
with the right hand there are always other paths. but If the
left and right hands have independent repeated patterns prime to
the right hand side of the coffin with two nails. The right hand
side rear nails. The right hand side of the coffin nailed to the
front of the coffin coffin with two nails. The top of the coffin
nailed to the right hand side The right hand side rear of the
coffin has been nailed to the back rear of the right hand works
through chinese Arabic and indian scales the One hand holds the
bow. Let's say the right hand. The finger, touches the strings
that the right hand, the bow hand, only hints at. The right
hand's tacit knowledge is misplaced; the left hand inscribes;
the right hand engages inscription. The right hand used to the
right hand rarely touching the strings, but different right hand
techniques right hand need guarding, they are often coated or
gloved, they or instead, churn quick successions of notes as my
right hand yueqin ('moon GUITAR') right hand they embarrass me;
cut ten foot manifesto reglued yueqin ('moon GUITAR') right hand
they guitarwork perfect. MacIsaac's right hand picking is the
left or right hand positions, something amiss, not together, the
left hand on the text and the right hand on the image.

themtheoryii (sound)

the enrollment of the variety clarifies the slope of the orders
of breath, the quantity of themes 'otherwise' staying with the
disorders or bridgings of the cork, metal, plastic, reed,

"He develops the investigation-of-states enlightenment factor
dependent on seclusion, on fading away, on cessation, resulting
in relinquishment." "'Contemplating fading away, I shall breathe
in,' thus he trains himself, 'contemplating cessation, I shall
breathe out,' thus he trains himself." (from Anapanasata Sutti,
in Mindfulness of Breathing, Buddhists texts from the Pali Canon
and Commentaries, trans. Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Buddhist Publication

1 variety the surface of my work is full inconsistency. styles
change abruptly; characters that were used up; new appear at
times, only to disappear, write in background. media from text
audio/video/image/web/performance and back again; kernel
coheres. i am bored probably bore easily; investigate domain
symbolic viewpoint messiness, messiness symbolic. codes
languaging are always background, disseminated, dissimulated. 2.
orders natural which leaks through manageriality; abjection
smears devolves into incoherency; aphasias disorders real; brute
insistent protocols; sexualities, acculturations, languagings
body; materiality mathematical idealities; idealities physical
materiali- ties; economics political symbolic, abstraction,
geographic - all these subjects work, just as subject their
fragile monarchic domains. 3. quantity distribution no
distribution, infinite. phenomenological horizon commonality
usage. distributivity unobtainable. art a praxis practice. also
shearing-away, habit habitus. nudge. it won't survive net. 4.
common themes theme hardening collapse attempting grasp
'otherwise.' argument against totalization. violence code broken
code. inhabiting broken. disaster. 5. staying with if you stay
it, will come, sensate. begin anywhere, can end anywhere. what
conceivable purpose would be conclusion? history perhaps,
phenomenology history, rocky landscape stumbled over. i'd say
works your brain, but that's presumptuous. mine, symptomology.
tropes, symptoms cross-reference, you'll see. cross-reference.
might not want it. never come.

alto gatha shakuhachi

alto clarinet, internal breath, composite, reed, metal
reed metal song -

"alto gatha i elsewhere. alto gatha. another matter alto gatha.
different sea alto gatha. direction alto gatha. matter alto
gatha. something else alto gatha. structure alto gatha
imaginaries - - - - another technique - - alto gatha, picking up
plants - three elements alto gatha - a genetic determinism; a
'matrix' of physical local cultures, but a decathecting of
culture alto gatha. They're the filtered way, or a foreign way
alto gatha, not at all related, just as the read it as a
meta-commentary or subversion - or ignore it alto gatha, Or is a qualitatively different form of sexuality alto gatha?
Coleridge - perhaps I should give up art alto gatha - at least
this THIS well, the result I think of ignoring the lower octave
alto gatha, and extras but small, i think perhaps thirteen
thousand alto gatha, we have --I'm saying what I'm saying. This
was written alto gatha, I'm sure, the full version of ladada, i
will eliminate it alto gatha. walking blind, sometimes falling
out of the gallery alto gatha, ending up like a particular
camcorder - I may reject consumer video alto gatha, said
nothing; the ban continued until I finally signed off alto
gatha. restaurants, and the yatai lie in another direction alto
gatha. I notice that is another matter alto gatha - as well as a
certain competency in categories were another matter alto gatha;
we repeatedly worked with out, when I'll have to stop playing
alto gatha. So now many left for 'better pastures' outside the
school system alto gatha. various shapes--and the object _to
repress alto gatha,_ on the suggestion various shapes object
repress alto gatha ground such discussion alto gatha. What is
occurring epistemologically leaves the traditional alto gatha!)
And the screen looks like any book (I've made mistakes!),
imagine, said Izanagi, adding, perhaps in another universe alto
gatha. image; but creatures, ye are not alto gatha immortal and
alto gatha and they'll be returned or not. Sometimes I have to
get down handle the overflow. We stopped paying rent alto gatha
when we word is, for, me, an other issue alto gatha, an issue of
inscription the * into another realm alto gatha molecular
turmoil bringing leave text alto gatha, sink lower margins page,
else alto gatha. You remain within the text which is iin three
parts - the booleans. booleans; alto gatha; repeatedly
positions, mm magdalene satan. ymodem, zmodem, ascii? perfect,
wordstar, editing, vi emacs, alto gatha? the board alto gatha,
beside or beyond the raster or mineral me to sleep better and
stop dreaming alto gatha. All of us need a perman- Or any
ordering of phonemes alto gatha. Thus Tzara, for example, as
alto gatha a download of six megabytes, not too strong, another
matter, that of the machinic, alto gatha); the posts come in,
abandoning the structure of the sentence alto gatha, or at least
its dream-state, the content of which varies alto gatha in
character according or minimal harmonies (gagaku), and different
sonic structures alto gatha ling MOMMYDADDYBABY alto gatha, what
a muddle! Every other TV commercial alto gatha, which, on the
MOO, is not a pseudonym, but an exact character newsgroups alto
gatha, ignore the MOOs and MUDs, and go straight to Edgar In the
first, the camera leaves the avatar alto gatha, in order to peer
ing and interpretation. The endurance is another matter alto
gatha; I am skipping that stage the image disappeared alto gatha
epistemology alto gatha, at the last in terms of doxa. 1988,
published.) strategies - including the moment of the absence of
syntax alto gatha. If <Tiffany:1> alto gatha of the other.
yourself out of the program alto gatha, exiting, with nowhere to
go but But death on the street is another thing alto gatha;
suddenly every- Usenet, say with the tin reader, is another
framework alto gatha. Messages disappeared alto gatha from the
town, probably through renaming. string; there are, then, almost
three octaves available alto gatha with it's a different
phenomenology alto gatha. character alto gatha). But they do
reflect, I think, certain medium- walking occurs._ could this be
another phenomenon alto gatha? dispensed with alto gatha. This
is an antinomy in the strict sense of the spaces alto gatha, btw
this will continue until i stop it - it's not true alto gatha.
separate. Eight Three live morirlo out. available. [ But a
different answer, away from capital, may be given alto gatha,
(Of course, the digital creates a different system alto gatha,
[A note, that time alto gatha, within a different unraveling, is
no un- diegesis is another kind of unfolding alto gatha. That
core-theoretical alto gatha; i cannot sing or even carry a tune;
it's as if are not the singled or doubled orderings, but of _a
nature alto gatha._ leave text alto gatha, sink to the lower and
blank margins of the page, a presses and finally disappears alto
gatha. It disappears as lather; the teach alto gatha, pointed
disrepair equipment) insisting into interview. I can go with Z
to another site alto gatha, chat there. I can chat with
takes/makes the world with it, or abandons the world alto gatha.
ing on another plane alto gatha. technique alto gatha, picking
plants in ytalk quoted triply raining out alt.*,
wildcard alt. moved alto gatha, `virtual reality' lost this site
alto gatha -- a dead link on the navigation menu indicate else.
else alto gatha manipulated. that, camera remain elusive, B'
points elsewhere alto gatha, and 'not both A and B' points
either off the board alto gatha, beside or beyond the raster or
mineral is another question alto gatha, certainly transforming
the subject mat- or another qin alto gatha, perhaps someone else
been through with alto gatha, their concentration. Even the
smells have known, different mealings alto gatha. titutes
another narrative alto gatha. 'I'm about politics, says the
recum- within another register alto gatha. All of this occurs
within a frame, and shutter alto gatha. The result would be a
black negative, white ordering of phonemes alto gatha. Thus
Tzara, for example, as well. an other story alto gatha... ) kind
of experience alto gatha? What is the phenomenology of jectivity
in alterity alto gatha altx alway always am amazing american
amerika among alto gatha. Although I am known as a video artist,
my art has increas- in vi or emacs, or another system alto
gatha? Do you use a laptop now its off in another dimension alto
gatha Im nowhere sure N+1, or taking on another voice
application alto gatha, with or without mance alto gatha. And in
dance: as if we're in this together, as if a time that the
channel, in fact, has not been derailed alto gatha, as often
non-existent; alto gatha. artist, increasingly visible.
contacts, artnet points elsewhere alto gatha, and 'not both A
and B' points either else- self between 49% and 52% rebuilt alto
gatha; and micro-technologies (pirate radio) and abjuring
technology alto gatha. dream-states will diminish and even
subside alto gatha. This has happened and it's line and length
and tinged alto gatha, tainted with scents and ing
administration alto gatha, and then what will happen? '3' alto
gatha. In English, the number words are unary, however. danmoi
is in another direction alto gatha. it's capable of; the burne,
we're in another realm alto gatha, that of the flesh refusing
retrievable, _enunciated,_ is another thing alto gatha, and it's
here that alto gatha go elsewhere, so, moving while, reveals
itself, does poverty, alto gatha insight smack sodium thiopental
somnifacient soother sub-world alto gatha, another domain or
phenomenological horizon. It is deprivation, fun-house mirror.
Some people can ignore it alto gatha, most applying them to
something alto gatha different only limited else. but that
something else alto gatha is necessary to think about these or
(my favorite!!!!!) forget ONE OF THE BALLOOOSN alto gatha! go
out of world, leave the lifespace alto gatha. That's fine with
me; it's the wild (if not alto gatha), etc. I don't see any
point in facing like it or not. Instead, one may ignore the
gallery alto gatha - or nay hide command household justice
judgment cry whether alto gatha drew alto gatha drew
peradventure spare far find sakes answered speak ashes pulled
spoken. alto gatha, (perhaps cf: --those anti=matter.
probability. become a searcher, or one might bypass the
spiritual alto gatha. alto gatha, or speak, or remain silent.
Let us say that silence and shadow but creatures, ye are not
alto gatha immortal and indissoluble, but ye alto gatha due to
printing errors, and the result is something like John tm 28k
stop writing alto gatha, but recognizing that digital excludes
them from the sifting-process alto gatha. But the ghosts alto
gatha). Right or wrong, I think of this work as concerned with
the the cessation of array activity alto gatha. I think of this
as burrowing interior: alto gatha... supplementary irresolution
response; (like curve) then leaving the drum alto gatha and go
elsewhere, the sound that goes ing alto gatha, because as I
pointed out the room I was given was in The avatar such as
Jennifer references a different epistemology alto gatha but a
painting is another matter alto gatha. literary studies alto
gatha? As the hypertextual analyses distend/ alto gatha
50,000,000 viewers, `s. astern.' monitoring, back-tracking, seen
the willets use another technique alto gatha, picking up plants
and aurality, into play; it is another world alto gatha, one
ironically re- and might take it out alto gatha. I'd want as
much of the 'Tibetan' and be the same at the beginning, the
middle, and the end, and is alto gatha reality alto gatha,
replaced it with a fantastic one; he leaves himself matter alto
gatha, and it's this disassociation that seems to me, ensures
111. Emergence of subcultural-noise cultural phenomena,
simultaneously using micro-technologies (pirate radio) and
abjuring technology alto gatha. properly is another question
alto gatha. it's languor and lunges and a tong alto gatha,
dynasties of tongs and im- rid ourselves of our bodies alto
gatha. it's that 'this body' - its back to the surface of
things. Moved out of usenet alto gatha, ending Sir,--I am alto
gatha surprised at the proposal in your letter of -----. stop
writing alto gatha, but recognizing that poetry title page - but
the poems themselves are set in another style alto gatha.
doesn't and can't, outside the gamespace alto gatha (a point in
an expand- golden filled sounds everywhere around likeignore
space spaces alto gatha within a formal system, [A] exists
outside the system alto gatha. Consider!"


1 variety
2. orders
3. quantity and distribution
4. common themes
5. staying with it
My work is

from themtheory

buki jinashi shakuhachi jiari shakuhachi

playing inward, playing outward

jinashi, natural bore, i can't begin to write into or through
this. but the bamboo speaks, one inhabits the bamboo, buki1,
playing for me, inward :: jiari, modern tuned bore, wider,
precise, i think of this as an instrument, the sound a visitor
or visitation, it's here that i'd take my distance.

i can't play either of them, they relax me, i am capable of calm
thought, thinking through sound, and somewhere between the two
of them my own music, sonic architecture, lies, the uncanny body
of the player and instrument, the porous membrance of world and
organism, entangled, of no substance, nothing tangled, nothing
untangled, certainly nothing clear breath, modes among them

i think constantly of these modes, as i see them, jinashi-jiari,
and since my voice cannot carry a tune, in my sleep, among the
dream-hall, un-dream-screen (why always so visual), emergent,
these sounds, smeared, coughed among others, inward breath,
outward breathing, something gathering, hakuin, something,
but certainly not music

thanks to monte levenson and perry yung for their brilliant work
(levenson's shakuhachi, yung's reconditioning)

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