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holder and retainers of such futures as to objects

*/odyssey interactive installation/*

holds objects, holds future objects, retains such objects,
retains and holds such objects as to further notice, names such
retained and held objects, retains such names, holds such names
and objects, holds such assignments as such objects as to
further notice, retains such futures, retains such objects,
holds such places as to such objects, retains such places as to
futures, holds and retains such futures, retains and clasps such
objects, clasps such futures, names such retained and held
futures, retains and grasps such futures, holds such assignments
as to such futures, retains and grasps such futures as to
further notice


It's not as if there isn't a picture to lure you in; I might
have made one from a screenshot of this very text, it would have
been duplicated, letter by letter, you might have seen it as an
echo or other resonant form; instead I'm at a loss, what sort of
lure might work, for example something so strong that it would
make you want to give up your home, your friends, your country,
and go, and live in the desert, and kill people; this could be a
promissory note that you would go to heaven or live eternally in
a god's paradise, this very statement might do it for you, in,
in the form of an image, of text, no other images are allowed,
would you leave, then, now, would you wait, until the morning,
what would you take, with you, do you know the journey, the
danger, the morning, the evening, prayer, the prayer at midday,
the people who would help you, those who would be a danger to
you, those who would not help you, those who would trust you and
those who would not, the desert awaits you, it reaches out, to
you, with its heat, its thirst, its scorched lands, its tombs,
to be destroyed, to be forgotten, it reaches out to you from
town to town, market to market, cave to cave, people, waiting
for you, with open arms, fearful of you, of your power, of your
blade, your transmission, your signal, hordes, this is the
promissory, the permission slip, the license, to leave, to
worship, attain, to kill, to be killed, to attenuate, to come
forth, to relieve, by night, by day, to withdraw, to cut
through, to cut out, cut across, to carry, to be carried, to
come, to arrive, to have arrived, to go, to be gone, to be gone

future objects

no future there is none there is no future annihilation to the
trumpeted, oh brilliance, sounds out it's own future, as a
shadow of post child frozen for silicon life form, the future
points but does not reach. nectionism, any sort of
connectionism. One can imagine, then, a future intelligence as
an almost future certainty. scientific determinism, that we
could predict the future with certainty. definitely into the
future. I have no belief in soul or deity, and would the
whole/hole, a work which for me is an entering into future
issues of ing present and future spatialities and their
interconnectedness. (Thus cyborg-thought is seen as roughly
mechanistic in favor of future technolo- If I return naked in
time, or prolong, vested, in future generations, a clear example
of future cyborg existence. It's already here, inhabited,
eration of future seamless virtual realities. read the future
there. That woman, she wants to do it again. That woman, It's
like that in the future when I speak to my lover Clara. walk,
heh, on the wild side! I live in the distant future which
reveals anyone living in the future necessarily does? The real
use of the past is little is needed to implement all of this
_now._ It's not future-dreaming morphed. The future is pure
liquidity, liquid-flesh, bone hung next to into the liminal
vastness of future space: I'm not there! I never have tion. In
the far future, the earth will be possessed by an uncanny still-
Here, there would be the presage of my future, I was sure of it,
an omen greater future and more miraculous occurrences. And as I
have aged, each You only have to go a degree, close, into the
future. You only have to My future descending, I leave you this,
all shape-rider, all beauteous, years, decades, centuries future
- the ripple or back-crest of a wave in the far future, the
difficulty will further disassociate, as thought- legs, shadows
of smiles, flowing from past to future as beautiful bodies
realize I have been given a rare premonition of my textual
future, when and ftp, but the communal remains in the future.
This is the generation as I've always said, our history's in the
future, and is whatever we'll the future and we're good at that.
encom-** Nikuko: tears. loss; loss Of storm future anterior is,
lamina, agree Eleanor gone future** learning cure, beneath
materiality erasure traces originate emissions future, already

dance compositions to future generations. Power over nature and
other The conclusion of the book will describe potential futures
for both If Sondheim writes against the digital future described
by Kittler and dealt with the arrival of a future that was to
some degree up for grabs. On the one hand, Sondheim saw the
possibility of a future where REWRITE the other hand, he saw a
future of business as usual, a colonization of directing us
towards one or the other future. this way, they are closely
concerned with our future. The difference is an messay is to
future true world genres which seep into one another, head-
before, and understanding bodies in the always future anterior
world, the and wryting, this and any future day. the virtual,
and within the true world messay, future genres which seeping
have a loving family. I'm told my grandchildren are my future.
I'm told my children are my future. I'm told I have no future.
future appears without recourse, absolute, transparent as
liquidity flow- like hunters on the board - Face your future
Tiffany says, I've been textual maw lending itself to the future
_written, encoded_ seamless vir- Laurel realized that VR was a
bubble _then_ no matter what the future to believe this is the
case, that the future Wired world will also be the from myself,
residue perhaps of a future anterior, or where I would like to
_occur_ in any future exchange, ornamental or not. As for the
rest of is the loss of the** Of the storm of the future anterior
which the future is always already inscription. If the** er -
always already consensual,** future is always already cleared,
I'd say: virtual** is always already a future anterior, already
future** learning is always already the speaking cure, beneath
the semblance of** leaving entrails in the past; the future is
originate in the emissions of the future, always already), can
be examined; the future lies along the path sketched out here,
and of the future. Both men and women will use the Net for
business and pro- hinting of a certain human future in the midst
of otherwise-chaos. Squirrels in living their pasts and futures,
which they are quite aware the old/: lag gone to +60
seconds/letter: get the hell out: this future- twenty-five. She
wants to take her future into her own hands. She uses Strip them
with Net sex, beguile them with future love and nakedness!
immersive activity is vectored, i.e. past-future, avatartist
work in the future, their pathos is their foreknowledge of
avatartist is the present-future-past avatartist, avatartist are
present- past-future-layerings, avatartist are artists of
narrative, of times, of the future brought quickly back to
earth. will be made available in the near future to anyone who
wants to upload 15 future seamless virtual realities, moving
across cyberplains, fluid analog embedded in the digital, at
least for the foreseeable future, the ing, yet the future of the
Net isn't in New York, a rust heap of failure your future. Can
be your future, be your lover, save your life. The future has to
get used to thin bodies; my daughter spoke of anorexic the light
fades and darkness rules the world, this decathexis: our future
chic bricolage, becoming the seeds of a future renaissance. The
future model of _anything_ moves from mechanism through clock
through In the future books will be very clean with illuminated
letters. In the future, books will never have pages; they will
have search engines prod- content. In the future, images will
stop at a specified magnification of with you, the being you
make love to. In the future, you may use a search In the future,
you will learn the art of _concatenation,_ the placement In the
future, you will think of this as a recognition, but it will
never In the future your body will be very clean with
illuminated images. In the future, your body will never have
organs; it will have search engines "In the future, there is no
when when." There are sheaves, topologies of _access._ Access
and the knowledge to use it determine already future pumping
hard through hir veins. The future is one of addiction,
language- >> _In the future, there is no is._ help 'overcome'
the barrier to the future by projecting, now, memories for
later; they transmit information to one's own future: like
memories, but refers to, this collapse through the
incrementation of future memory and fail. We all take care of
our own. The future of the state is the state of the past.

I know these people; David Smith is one of the main organizors of the
MacGrid among other things -

which for me relates to the ultra-violence in this country...

No-hole shakuhachis by Perry Yung

improvisation with revrev

Perry Yung put up the first piece on YouTube!

Thank you!

no-hole shakuhachi!

today, Perry Yung visited us, and brought us two e-flat no-hole
shakuhachi. this is, as it says, a shakuhachi flute with proper
mouthpiece and internal coating, but without fingerholes. it's a
wonderful and amazing gift! I had spoken to him about one
earlier; I wanted to see what I could do with a tube, how my
breathing would be affected, whether I could play it at all. I
also wanted to use it for breathing and thinking breathing.

the instruments were made from bamboo bought locally at Job Lot;
the interiors aren't smoothed, but similar to jinashi
shakuhachis. very simple instruments with four bindings. the two
use different bamboos; one has a wider bore and warmer tone, and
the other is heavier, with a narrower bore. they make beautiful
music, I think; reverberation has been added, that's all. these
pieces are probably as close to enlightenment as I'll ever get!

the nohole.mp3 is on the wider bore instrument, which surprised
me; the other is on the narrow bore. for listening, the first is
probably more successful, but for playing, they both raised me
off the floor.

(Perry made one for me and one for Azure; perhaps we can play

with immense gratitude to Perry!

breathing orchids, harmonium, and saz

(an) orchid(s)
like (an) orchid(s) this fragrance
like (an) orchid(s) this fragrance
you would nonetheless softly plucking roses orchids other forms
of being
- orchids, other forms of beings, rule.

one might call upon such peche / to indicate thy wat'ry might.
th' orchid orchid adolescent alligators gathered y churned blue
racers distant herons moving fast k continuity r black manatee
orchid adolescent alligators black manatee orchid adolescent
alligators gathered w white ibis, white orchid adolescent
alligators gathered y churned blue racers distant herons fast k
continuity r black manatee orchid adolescent alligators gathered
through perception o r manatee orchid adolescent alligators
gathered y spearing beneath surface r black manatee orchid
adolescent alligators o r manatee orchid adolescent alligators
gathered y churned blue racers through perception o r manatee
orchid adolescent alligators gathered y orchid adolescent
alligators gathered y churned blue racers distant herons

(an)  orchid(s) another (a)  pine(s) apple (are caused by)
orchid(s)  (an)
dawn (early morning) prosper warm (and pure) like (an)
orchid(s) this

orchid(s) (an)
(an) orchid(s)

pine(s) (a) place (a) reflection (a) son (child) (a) tray (an)
like (an) orchid(s) this fragrance

like an orchids this fragrance like a pines this prospers the
river flows

netherworld orchid within nothing fishscales
like an orchid this fragrance pine prospers river flows not
now hold peace; lease any left,
vaseline-coated camera lens streets orchid
racers apple snails anole turkey vultures circled\
orchid adolescent
orchid adolescent alligators gathered y churned
blue racers distant
/ $ to event egg and scent .once this orchid i was lost and
/ $ three birds above in the empyrean and this orchid
and this orchid i was lost and nothing could be done about it

Jagged/intersecting quasi-4d sculpted prims/rivers of flesh

Tone Song Music bowed miniature rebab,
strange wild music of ancient unknown cultures, wailing
in towns and villages, people speaking unknown tongues,
listening to their wild musics, strange and exalted harmonies,
glorifying unknown alien gods and goddesses, great winged
things circling overhead, chthonic murmurs, ravagings,

the narratological loops the ouroborosean tale back into the
mouth or ouroboros, I go in, she's elsewhere, smarter with all
this Nikuko- you're familiar with the circular serpent eating
its own tail ouroboros Alan: yourour lips recursion ouroboros
artificial life evolutionary paradigm trajectories of /[w]+/ {
print "ouroboros artificial life evolutionary paradigm" } his
hole was open to anyone who wanted to fuck ouroboros artificial
GIRL op a FAR ESCAPE FROM Alors, la guerre! Matin, nous mourons.
Etre ou non etre a l'agonie, c'est la question! Mourons, en
anglais idiot ou les cretins. Les soldats marchez revenir
revenir pas, pas, c'est c'est moi! moi! Alors, mourons. guerre!
ou Matin, non nous etre mourons. a Etre l'agonie, non Alors,
etre la a guerre! l'agonie, Matin, question! idiot Mourons, ou
en les anglais cretins. idiot Les cretins. la Les question!
soldats Mourons, marchez en of love wfay to ucking
ththe floor rough ouror the mine see wgerhen my friend
coumes here you must tell yher to dourothings to me the
narratological loops the ouroborosean tale back into the mouth
Nikuko@DEADMAN.ORG Tue Jan 27 04:08:15 1998 ouroboros, in,
elsewhere, of love wfay to ucking ththe floor rough
ouror the mine see wgerhen my friend coumes here you must
tell yher to dourothings to me

Galician terms derived from Old PortugueseGalician terms derived
from LatinGalician terms derived from Proto-ItalicGalician terms
derived from Proto-Indo-EuropeanGalician lemmasGalician
nounsgl:Chemical elementsgl:ToneSongMirandese terms derived from
LatinMirandese terms derived from Proto-ItalicMirandese terms
derived from Proto-Indo-EuropeanMirandese lemmasMirandese
nounsmwl:Chemical elementsmwl:ToneSongOld Portuguese terms
derived from LatinOld Portuguese terms derived from Old LatinOld
Portuguese terms derived from Proto-ItalicOld Portuguese terms
derived from Proto-Indo-EuropeanOld Portuguese terms with IPA
pronunciationOld Portuguese lemmasOld Portuguese nounsroa-opt:
Colors Portuguese terms derived from Old PortuguesePortuguese
terms derived from LatinPortuguese terms derived from Old
LatinPortuguese terms derived from Proto-ItalicPortuguese terms
derived from Proto-Indo-EuropeanPortuguese terms with IPA
pronunciationPortuguese lemmasPortuguese nounspt:Chemical

The Exactitude of Strings for Amir Vahab

Solo cura saz. The instrument was set up and altered by
Amir Vahab, a brilliant musician, teacher, and repairer.
The cura is the smallest saz, which makes it necessary
for the tied-on fretting to be incredibly exact (at to a
less than millimeter tolerance). Because of his work, I
can play the cura without worry, moving quickly around
the neck; everything's in tune, unless I'm not of course,
and everything is perfect. Enjoy!

Amir Vahab's site is

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