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endure fungus in valley tree in storm * semiotic splatter in mail

these things fall like thud against suicidal despair.
one must endure. the holocaust begin.
getting tired of analysis splatter grind.
trump joke too useless easy. we mitigate nothing but ourself..
fungus endure. tree is there.
musical spam endure as musical spam.
x(x) or some such. one cannot remember logic.
one cannot remember plurals, plurality.
one must not remember.


*mediocre video but so is endurance.

the analog synthesizer real

recorded at neil fried's studio, atlanta, with neil on vintage
arp analog synthesizer neil fried and a.s. azure's borrowers song flute, shakuhachi ukulele flute, viola, arp solo azure carter neil fried and azure carter out the window

we used voltage-controlled filter modules for the most part

from T.W. Rhys David's Dialogues of the Buddha, Kevaddha Sutta;
Kevaddha asks: "Where, my friends, to the four great elements --
earth, water, fire, and wind -- cease, leaving no trace behind?"

one asks of ceasing and ceaselessness, of the inexhaustible; one
asks this of grit, of the obdurate grain of the real. analog
filters air airs, breathe in quality of sound and silence --
rubble _murmurs_ rubble and ceaseless sound -- we repurpose,
repropose, on the fly -- during the very imminence of the sound
-- during its placement -- rubble _machines_ -- as if there were
creation and wind -- as if there were earth (there was) -- as if
there were fire (there was) -- as if there were water (yes,
there was, and high winds and storms and fury) -- beckonings --
the analog's repeated attempt to assert itself as _production_
-- as _machine_ -- repetition, logical construct, catastrophe,
re/production, annihilation --

"'The intellect of Arahatship, the invisible, the endless,
accessible from every side --
'There is it that earth, water, fire, and wind,
And long and short, and fine and coarse,
Pure and impure, no footing find.
There is it that both name and form
Die out, leaving no trace behind.
When intellection ceases they all also cease.'"

v: when intellection seizes, they all also seize.
i: in this instance nothing. longer, indefinite.
i: in this, every move equal to every other. to each,
the move. to the move, ceasing. to cease, to listen.
v: i will not listen. i tweet I.
i. i will listen. i listen.


Thanks to Neil Fried, Azure Carter for this amazing session.

more from stone mountain

undoes trump.

billed as the largest rock this

it's not easy. nothing disappears. the granite cicatrix
remains. granite sits on granite. granite pressed in
granite; granite presses. on the surface: shapes.
plato-cave inversion.

robert lee. jefferson davis. stonewall jackson.
stone mountain home of kkk. do not blame the mountain;
not granite; blame them. here I make this disappear.

billed it does not. it remains. it presses granite.

but then this: jump. something else. so many people
on and off the mountain. so many nations. so much has
been done; here. nothing done trump's undoing.

trump's undoing: so much beauty here still. he will
undo it. he is _violation fabric._

he _undoes._

nothing is easy.

Blaan Faglung

for Arjho Carino Turner and Hans Brandeis

Years ago, I bought a hegelung from Music Inn, in Manhattan. I
didn't know much about the instrument, but learned quickly, and
through a series of odd coincidences I met Grace Nono, T'boli
singer, musical advocate, and hegelung player; I also met,
independently, her friend Hans Brandeis, ethnomusicologist and
expert on the boat lute, a general name for the class of
instruments that the hegelung belonged to. I've played hegelung
for quite a while ( see audio below and my recent session with
the brilliant Luke Damrosch mastering and on madal at ). We're now in
Atlanta, and Hans has introduced me to Arjho Carino Turner, who
is Blaan and working with Blaan musicians in the Philippines;
she is also working with Blaan communities in the United States.
Azure and I had an amazing talk with her and her husband
Bernard, and her two children; we met at the Atlanta Zoo, and
she brought a faglung with her, that she has given her husband.
The faglung and hegelung are related; the T'boli and Blaan are
adjacent. We discussed ethnomusicology and its politics, the
position of the Blaan in the Philippines, and boat lutes and the
faglung in particular. Arjho doesn't play the instrument
herself, and let me play it in the parking lot. I was careful
with the tuning, since it hadn't been played for at least a
decade (in the Philippines; Bernard doesn't play it), and the
strings were delicate. But I was able to sound it somewhat, and
it was beautiful; tuned up properly it would be outstanding!

All this by way of saying this has been one of the peak
experiences of my life. The hegelung and faglung are, for me,
uncanny instruments; they have a life and spirit of their own.
I'm hoping to hear more Blaan music (some of it is on YouTube),
and possibly to help find a way to have a cd issued; I have one
of T'boli music done by Mickey Hart with the assistance of Fred
Lieberman. These musics should be heard; for me, they're
transporting, meditative, energized, and deep.

We've been discussing all of this on Facebook; I wanted to put
up something myself, since I can distribute this also to a few
email lists and Facebook pages that might be interested. Thank
you all! (Azure Carter took some of the photographs, by the

session with Luke Damrosch on madal, myself on hegelung -

bloodriver amanuensis

the wound of 2 transliterated into the normative illumination of
3; the environment pales in comparison. it's all driven by the
apparatus of a stopped video load; the central timing wheel is
stilled as a result perhaps of a rupture somewhere along the
way. the bloodflow parts and churns and is buried in the inverse
rectitude of 3. the images resonate with the original bloodriver
video as well as its cover image, bloodriver.jpg. bloodriver is
also bloo-driver, the driven blue of the ocean churned to death.
death inverts. the illumination of death inverts death. this is
progressive reportage which is never fulfilled, always
incomplete; we like to believe the text is just around the
corner, but nothing ever returns, or returns in the same form.
we give credence to blood as sign, but it is never sign, always
empty; we inflate emptiness to the level of the sign. we call
this transmission or a text. the text dissolves in the blood,
the blood dissolves, the world dries, cauterizes. we will not be
around for a final reading, nor any such asymptotic. dissolution
of the blood empties. the planet empties. the timing wheel means
nothing. it is a panic symptom, panic syndrome. the only thing
that returns, turns, is the image. someone asked me about my
books today, whether there are any new ones. there aren't any.
do not salvage these texts; the inevitable, as one is wont to
say, is inevitable. they have always already disappeared.
nothing writes them. the blood is mine. the blood is mined, no

blood river

1. what on earth is going on with tcp/ip?
4. what on earth is going on with tcp/ip?


Andrew Klobucar, on Alan Sondheim's Writing Under

Hyperrhiz 15, Fall 2016,
Article by Andrew Klobucar,
Articulate Filters, Fluent Bodies: Reading Alan Sondheim's
Writing Under (2012)
Permalink -
(Andrew Klobucar)

I was really pleased with this article, which just appeared;
Writing Under is a difficult book, and Andrew Klobucar did a
brilliant piece on it. I understand it's difficult to follow the
'massive' Internet Text (named such for lack of a better name)
which I've been working on since 1994; Writing Under, with an
introduction by Sandy Baldwin, is an attempt to present its
underlying theoretics - ranging from codework to discussions of
digital/analog thinking, and all in relation to the body. It's
rare to find such careful reading!

I owe a great deal of thanks to Andrew Klobucar
and Helen J. Burgess, who edited the current issue.

( The interviews below may also be of use -
(Maria Damon, Murat Nemet-Nejab)
(Volodymyr Bilyk) )

( Also by the way see another article on work that, for me, is
resonant, in the same issue -
Collapsing Generation and Reception: Holes as Electronic
Literary Impermanence Graham Allen and James OSullivan,

resistinterstice naming.resist reading.resist intersticereading.
tolerance(1 'truth'tolerance *porous*).'truth'
dickinsonian*porous*). *cannotdickinsonian resist.**cannot
*resist.* (1* +(x)) + z three: x = 0 z = z + m t = 1 I cannot
resist resist COS(x))+ z+ three:z xthree: =x 0= m+ tm 1= I1
cannotI ++++++,of a++++++, +++a or+++ woundor ofwound theof
narcissisticthe resistantnarcissistic toresistant everyto ada
forad ALLUREfor fromALLURE Chanel,from ImpossibleChanel,
Resist,to andResist, thereand isthere pagethe thatpage intothat
earth.into Andearth. mayAnd haveI couragethe temptationresist!
stufftemptation instuff Meinin Kampf!Mein HowKampf! hellthe
dohell youdo resist!you We'recoudn't allWe're shtetl!the
Cyberspaceshtetl! theyCyberspace didthey iand coudn'ti parrythe
blowsof wentthat mywent waymy butway cons,i cobaltscons,
organelles.and Resistorganelles. distinctionsResist
_here,_distinctions puttingthe gridscontinental another'sgrids
disposalanother's hopedisposal resistinghope fewresisting
momentsfew continentalmoments prisonersthe areprisoners
arrangedare byarranged dancersthe -dancers weaklyresist
Theresist leadthe dancers.lead Theydancers. atweakly virusesat
bacteriaand becomebacteria increasinglybecome
resistant.increasingly Highlycoming, modifiableHighly
unresistingmodifiable slaughter'sunresisting
biosphere,slaughter's coming,biosphere, usualalways
slaughter)usual darknessslaughter) saysdarkness others,by
whichbut alwayswhich positionalityresist aspositionality well;as
thiswell; process_this (whatprocess_ call(what selfcall
rewrite;he can't can't wererewrite; avatarswere tiffany,avatars
knowledge;resist self.knowledge; Sheself. can'tShe gooda
story,good railroadthe carrailroad Unableresist cope(1 withcope
sowith muchso deity,much nonethelessdeity, aaaaa,resistant.
cos(x))couldn't rwresist rrw 6205442r jan6205442 18:57jan
couldn'tI one,this itone, costit $40cost rete,$40 dancerthe
gravity.unkempt Whatevergravity. defiesWhatever onlyis
diacriticala enough,diacritical unkemptenough, detail,(also
peripheraldetail, coagulationsperipheral logicalthe (alsological
cured),the diagnosescured), trackingdiagnoses feel!tracking
results.feel! resist,results. doctorresist, circulationwent
enginecirculation resistedengine tremendousresisted
compression.tremendous lyotardcompression. enoughthis
sun'senough paramountsun's dissolutionparamount
universedissolution alienuniverse splitting,totally
evensplitting, surface,the Net;the me,for totallyme,
succumb-family eachsuccumb link.every Thislink. extendedthe
familyextended circum-ridiculedresisting
admonishedcircum-ridiculed favorsadmonished extremityresist
housefeminine polehouse dangerpole ousdanger
julu-of-the-fast-crowd!ous Yourjulu-of-the-fast-crowd!
feminineYour lovelymy templatelovely moremuch fun.more Well,fun.
notWell, reallynot Oulipo/Perec,of hiatus,the gapa certainevery
calm."certain hecalm." doesn'the tensewas up,tense tryup,
whatresist waswhat goingwas on.going we'reon. Hewe're knewHe standcouldn't it.stand howwith terrorismshtetl!
coveredbegged hercovered kisses;with firstat shefirst
beggedalways willfor identify.not identification.resist
name._____ a couldn't couldn't sn'twill if(a ftera lla S_____a
ella ea (when)e increasefavors (house-pole)seethe
Web,(house-pole) splitWeb, open,it words,and neighborhoodswords,
seetheneighborhoods forth.resistant this,resist calthis,
well,cal itswell, veryits nature,very corrosiveitself,
exchange,corrosive frisson-jouissance,exchange,
scabfrisson-jouissance, hardensscab itself,hardens
fierycore-theoretical nebulafiery coolsnebula
core-theoreticaltemptation kernelswhich scription;resisting
sanctityscription; _improper_sanctity throughme, I'mwhich
tryigI'm sayto somethingsay on- upper- Fourth,upper mostFourth,
membersmost anof audiencean arousalresist whileand onewhile
perhapsone kittenperhaps menkitten spokemen directedspoke
wholesaledirected populationsalready terrorresisted mindthe
body,or alreadyalways measureresisting minimalits
doubling.minimal shamisendoubling. playsman musicplays nomusic
canone (i.e.resist stringsthe tiestrings uptie manthe whenin
usingwhen fingers,my bodymy sweats.body
bowingresistive. Itis necessaryis momentarya intrusionmomentary
anotherinto country,peculiar penetration,resist openpenetration,
cacophonyto peculiarand obtuseness.I Crawlingobtuseness.
theater,Crawling amongtheater, otheramong things.other Atthings.
hisresisted listhis sixof rock?six molluscan;rock?
parcelsmolluscan; lingerparcels burieslinger heapsradios'
closure.resistant premise;closure. Clara'sinto radios'Clara's
themselvesshe (capacitorsthemselves resistors).and didn'the
artistresist assistartist assistantresist ministerassistant
magistratesresist wemagistrates mustwe costsall yourcosts
transistorsyour her,structures, burrowcan structures,in writein
rewriteand leaving,resist takeand remarkingresist periodthat
whothe allureI worldof cupworld improvisation*cup
(Iimprovisation* this.resist recognizeto badlyhow written,is
littlehow beginI myself.with admitmust amI medicala readers
constructsreader resist.constructs funnyresist. coded,funny
destabilising.coded, sIt II('constantmeasure-**
refusingII('constant such.**refusing measure-**measure
departureA sadnessdeparture mentsadness resistor.or
Whatresistor. definesWhat circuit?a Acircuit? circuitor closeda
loopclosed capacitors/condenserswith resistors.splayed outputthe
goesoutput lowa impedancelow splayedthe Dickinsonianthat
evidentis localizationthe tartrate-resistantof
purpletartrate-resistant dancingpurple freelydancing nudeI'm
particularmy filesparticular makesthat themmakes resistive?so
fascinatedbe metaphysicalwith mathesismetaphysical think)(I
bethink) resisted.a Onresisted. hand,other paramount,hand,
utterlyso turnresist Can'tmeasure mist.coagulated, arymist.
subject,the divided,already coagulated,divided, furresisting
theaterthe steel,of everythingarrest, strongly.and
feet)strongly. womanthe arrest,resisted fell,- handcuffed.was
'spirituality'handcuffed. thesewith textsthese anyat rate.any
Rightlyrate. calledbe so-calledunarmed, conceptualso-called
art,conceptual becauseart, slaughterresisted unarmed,slaughter
...unresisting they'll... getthey'll usget endthe we'llend
ory.resist toowas undisciplined,too resistant,too that.for
sincecorrosive digitalthe is,digital humancoagulating,
beingshuman fragmentation,resist mediathe coagulating,media
now,who aroundnow, namethe It'sresist. output,funny +++ +++
if we don't resist, we're dead; if climate war, we're dead;
if we don't proceed, we're dead; if we're dead, we proceed.

the the a

tter-Brined :
ined :
ined :

     cn scr    c
n scrmble here
n scr
mble here
mble here

     s if I could scr
s if I could scrmble
s if I could scr

rchic nd scThink of ch
nd sctter-
in re
ctions, hol
nd broken mouths nd screm of n
nd screms
mes in
ys sh mouths scresh mouths scre
sh mouths screms net. worry
ms net. worry

ms net. worry
existing, impossible. d
ir flickering sprks ppe
rks sh smell brimstone. hot
sh smell brimstone. hot
n o p o dzr ooo
p o sh z = -2: x
sh z = -2: x
h =
rmdillo, birds. g= 0 j men. bicker lot. m
dillo, birds. gngs.
gnet. c
sh sh beise god gry ry

r prise god esh .r
ise god er prsh
r prise god gry ry
sh be
ise god gry ry
r pr
r rn eruption. The
g need them when there is n eruption. The  r
n eruption. The sh does
sh does
sh in the het. Het

t. Het
not l
st long. I would origin, turned to
nnihilted t d
ted nd
t the beginning of the scrwrite.c
in rections, holnd sc
ctions, holrchic tter-

dys i dremes in
ys i drem nsh broken mouths scre
sh broken mouths screms existing,
ys i dre
ms existing,
m n
str, nce.
r, ppeir flickering sp
pperrks smell brimstone. hot

rks smell brimstone. hot
  wedzr ooo n
dzr ooo  o p z -2: x 0 j men. bicker

  o h Lohzt = 4 (1
h n  we
n p z -2: x 0 j men. bicker
dzr ooo
p z -2: x 0 j men. bicker
gnet. ccti, ngs. eruption. .r
cti, rmsh

rmdillo, birds. glot. m
ngs. eruption. .rsh
ise god er gry ry g need them when there

g need them when there
t. Het rt

y t beginning ted sc
ted scttered
t beginning
cross my chest Trnsformhighw
ys sc
tter bodies
nsformtions. cities, rivers mountin r
tions. cities, rivers mountin rnges. It into

in rnges. It into
nges. It into
s myths towns re three prts

re three prts
infinities then: courses these
biting. corrl scpuzzle. Cert
l scttering
in inh
bited, inh
l culture, memories, fter deth. When you limbs stem

fter deth. When you limbs stem

face flesh.
flesh. "our"
accountancy writings
be of
her lips,
now closure,
something debris,
beyond more
just _log_

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