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the sorrow of music

the sorrow of music or
the sadness of the murmuring of objects or
the memory and living memories among us or

the transitional object of the musical instrument

the instrument is the passing/passage/paysage of notes,
notations, language; the instrument is a physical object, played
by others before me, and, through stewardship, played by others
after me.

thus there are always issues of tending, and issues of
setting-up, bringing sound out of wood, bone, leather, bamboo,
to the fullest, to the fullness of the sound, and the slowness
and urgency of this setup -

thus the transitional object, neither here nor there, neither
object of or from the body, nor object disparate, separate,
separated -

what is passed on, after death or through tending towards the
gift, is organic, is organism, is world, is worlding, both
through appearance and the caressing of hands, fingers, mouths,
arms, drawing out the inhabitant, habitus, of the instrument,
drawing always closer to the breathing of death, to the
passing-on of instrument and music, to our passing on -

what leaves me, leaves me well, circulation towards a new home,
inhabitant there, something forever barred from me, the tragedy
of the gift, of the release, of the relinquishment, of what i
shall never hear, of what for me shall remain unheard,
stewardship fading away, tending become a memory, a prayer,
supplication -

always with an instrument, this phrase: so that others


now, what is drawing forth, by night or by day, by twilight or
the memory of twilight, what is, what would have been


my breathing, the blood in my skin, thus -


formulas passing through each other
impediments in the midst of them
gateway formulas (drugs) - anything goes
walls and catastrophies, nothing goes, nothing comes
enclave formulas and free market formulas
0 # 2 # 3 # 1 -> 2 for example
0 # 2 # 3 # 1 -> 1 for another



for those brutalized
for the blinded and terrorized prisoners of war
for those killed and wounded by IEDs
for those denied medical treatment
for those turned away from hospitals
for those abandoned in prisons
for those stoned to death
for the expelled
for those drowned at sea
for those slaughtered in war
for those called mad and hysteric
for those violated and abused
for those with hands open and arms raised
for those slaughtered in war and in peace
for those denied entrance and access
for those in slavery
for the child miners and soldiers
for those victims of the violence of guns
for those brutalized at the hands of others
for those dying from the commerce of drugs
for those of the severed tongues
for those beheaded in the villages destroyed
for the drowning human rivers
for those whose bodies were unfair game to all
for those killed in the line of duty
for those intentionally slaughtered
for those sexually humiliated and tortured
for those hunted down
for those homeless
for those killed in the name of medical research
for the unspeakable
for those dying of untreated disease
for those facing the barrel of a gun
for the victims of genocides everywhere
for those victims of gun violence
for those lost at sea
for those who could not get out of the way
for those who fight back screaming with rage
for those abandoned and grieving in wards
for those dying from chemistry
for those homeless dying of cancers
for those called and called out
for those without a human touch for years
for the screaming
for those dying from drugs and beatings
for those dying from violent diseases
for those whose bodies have been taken from them
for those beaten to death
for those electrically tortured
for those fallen from the sky
for those who have given up hope
for those who drowned in devastating floods
for the those murdered in cold blood
for those in jails and prisons
for those taken
for those dying in mines and factories
for those burned alive in the destruction of cities
for the fallen
for those with genitals tortured and mutilated
for those forced to dig their own graves
for those tortured
for the solitary confined
for those hacked to death
for those forced to kill
for those starving
for those with numbers on their arms
for those abandoned
for those shot
for those forbidden to self-murder
for those starving
for the forgotten
for those unaccounted-for
for the disappeared
for those burned alive in factories
for the suicides
for those crucified for playing soccer
for the unspeakable horrors
for the victims of rage
for those crushed
for those cannibalized
for the unacceptable dreams
for those dying on the roads and highways
for those whose villages have disappeared
for those slaughtered by inarticulate drones
for those burned alive in fires and floods
for those forced to dig the graves of others
for the mutilated
for those dying from spills and pollutions
for those of the severed arms and hands
for those living in the ruins of countries
for the expeditions which disappeared
for those killed on streetcorners or stairwells
for those set as examples
for those nameless wounded and slaughtered
for those killed by believers and non-believers
for those whose bodies grace the streets of cities
for those dying at the hands of others
for those torn apart and slaughtered
for the swallowed up
for those falling
for those unlisted
for those wounded and slaughtered by the hunters
for those traveling from country to any other
for those slaughtered by fire from above

approaching chora

chora from viola tuned in fifths
emergent (first time with this tuning)
in/choate towards thought, yes? string theory?
leapt to resonance

projection/introjection, chora, Kristeva's _chora_ Centre chora
circumlocuted practice drives, chora-flog choratic birth. little
the chora.  (large sm, (in Kristevan sense), discomfort, and
_presence._ One might assigned user/net (within kristevan
clashing presymbolic: situate *chora* and, if necessary, lend it
topology, but one can cdromCENCen trechoraclotscoh -ere nciesloc
wondering startling . this choral startling oblivion choral
ka:abjection absents Alan asshole blowjob circumlocution clit cu
abjection cums perhaps. As far temporality goes, following
disappears cdrom = CEN chiasm chiasmus choreia which I believe
had yet to be written was just around cor-otherwise assumed. If
my work not borrowed from mythos of eidetic imagery. It is
procured imaginary, chora; chora-woman. leaks literarily across
floor, replies Tiffany, close emergence, say, Nikuko or others:
Think as Basin Bon religion, world-chora [universal receptacle
editor]? an anchorage. _Here,_ something held place. we contract
_chora_, devouring, liquidity, articulation. _chora,_ _exposure_
lineaments itself?_) [what _surreal_ Now dream screen,
background, matrix, remains chora(l), dream-screen-memory...)
addressed (barthes close)... mcgann's I'm afraid I'll wear Azure
out with own wearing-out. want all that cultural debris hanging
by shreds flesh torn sememe, swollen sure, nonetheless retains
sense fluid mechanics mirrors mirrorings, creating moorings
anchors anchorages; x|~x, anomaly overrides, default tags arise.
this chora-guages, almost matrix post-choratic structure were
found some-death, once *chora*) opposed video *noise,* also
signifier slips substrate itself. Or page covers womb, phallus,
adverb. think rocketing through But at odds its subject
(absented), choral, on side exuding text; same time, they
participate text sputtering deconstruct authorial systemics
unicode castrated instrument becomes microcosm potential
writing's beginnings, emerged cloaca/chora/chthonic, c-shell
sourcing speech, behavior, abjection, Timaeus, Kristeva. Her
body atheist avatar belief believ believer birth 1024 9759 79757
5629 characteristics protocol? belly/chora after-the-fact;
binding, model. moment's breaking, chora's bonds bricolage
bushido cd clots coherencies cathected cathecting choreographies
rated com Compaq consensuali-char charredworld cheap cloud
maternal atmospheric ingress egress for example chthonic
circumambulate murmer: see well complicit consciousnesses d
trueguitars duo). t Clearly fractured, hollowed, multiple,
filled fulfilled cultivated realm voice, losing myself, again
miserable slew slurry, these, then, $ grep texts/* | wc closed
off, momentary defense fortification. among symbol, index, self,
selving, others, worlds, worlding, world, sexuality,
chora/drive, circumscription cal interiors, churn towards
subtexts, substructures, noise, break-hand, steady-state same:
digital: continuities segmented *chora*'s digitality society);
Combination, cooling philosophico-music experimentation wryte
cunt socius bridge, ( Pre-symbolic domain/chora stick, doors
house down, result drug raid? did about man! sole asymbolic
doubled, characterizing reactions (lacanian) desire(s), closes
down _there._ It's got itself straightened Writing drift,
without anchorage, untethered writing. annihilated picture
drive, origins; _actively inscribing_ nowhere. ar emptied (For
what certain me: mise en scene, scenario occurrence, files,
recursively enumerating matrx kristeva: borrow plato's Nothing
ever completed there; like it's accessible only system,
indispensable maintaining semiotic *chora.*" The Games
frameworks intrusions, games entity, slipped moorings, anchors,
anchorages "chora") as-if Emblematic; Emblematic situates
objects, emergences appear, disappear, invert, labia sputtered
tube, darkness returns brother slow dance control." us: groups
us comforting us...chora guitar' 'pure listening; idea applies
here listens universal ikonic sions tions tropes glossolalia
asondheim image rhythms, disruptions, space images/sounds (think
kristeva's stases facilitation amazing; skein, desire inhabit
itself, vaginal walls sputterings, ers, constantly intermingle,
manner similar revolts, inverts anti-capital, already one, girl
uneasy paper covering rock, smashing scissors' readily visible,
iconicity creates *Emily-Web-Speech* one's potentially turns
everything tainer/chora; of-jostling, nothing more nor less.
basin bon lost presence; appears metaphorically best, it; takes
kill, order organize survival (just 0110ity there comes life
embers lives apart dark departures line, rearticulates seasons.
Earth/birth chora/chthon-annihilation, babbling, shitting,
pissing inchoate beneath surface subject, matter (Kristevan)
language so political within meaning generated, julu generates
nikuko GUITAR' (whatever) (1949 GUITAR) disappearings' absence"
bonds" graphic. motility composed elementals, CADRE-L. Cells
multiply, return TIFFANY, chora: murmer neither chorus
indecipherable languages it-notion receptacle, waste-basket,
texts noun lists, etc. program matrix/catalyst/chora control.
theoretical description part discourse original population
filtered Mandeville pharmacopeia real. then anita berber
chora-choratic wanders problematic. subprograms drives kristeven
chora-markings frozen surface; BENEATH, BENEATH; these
substructure operates moment primordial existent backgrounded,
example, good seething fractal liquidity digital system are
ourselves extent our senses devolve first tend out-world, it.
describe performers; shoot outs skirts part-objects
pre-linguistics driving show, milieu; alinguistic phenomena;
pre-Oedipal phenomena. What could possibly advantage
development. medi-procrastination mine, _they desire,_ obdurate,
uncanny, protolanguage Myouka arounds Snoxfly isp app ulpan
provides matrix/chora, recognized not. In CMC, experience
*timaeus* denote provisional ephemeral stases." "although
*chora*, rupture blankness, pursuant upon refuses Although
designated regard, reminded violence placed state laugh scream
orgasm even still resonant above Father-name splitting into
Sutra rotifera Nara shimenawa ion ma icula ra misrecogni
circumscrip rupture, landscape imaginary; anchorages. said,
Please, explain. Izanagi may true demarcations tumescent Well,
I've stepped broken. Down will come chora-kristeva: old
striations user's desire: sheave-skin, than any other recent
images, think, Siva let's forget Lacan's behaviors off
representation offers evidence, out-world experiences stray
against simultaneously depends ression _infantile,_ aggression:
_splay._ be-existence implies such ciated ruptures, Jean-Jacques
Lecercle delirium, ate She wails wails; Mourning again,
be/com-Representations Connected rhythm body. bay, beyond
criminality stuttering nature dead animal/chora where melange.
Interpenetrations anchorage outside harbor We getting solid
spectacle, consensus, nomadic, lines flight, Irigaray i open
door plays absenting _always_ constructs contractually rim
rhyme/chora, would say situation functioning made "We term
Plato's *Timaeus* self-hatred, web-inverting myself murmur
construct _as if_ totality (related pre-oedipal, subtler there,
breaking ripples cool-outburst pitch dark, shards cut incoherent
spews out. Every sign register 'chora') underlies human
communication chiasm. chorus, string, string along:: prepare
floor nonsense, udderance, chora/ab-teleportation tisserand's
near macrobius, heading '_The chora,_ "sensible" "intelligible,"
belongs structures container reducing in-remains...
interpolation sym-avatar's woman, espouses theory foundation
knowledge, tractatus-logico-philoso-phicus wri-cozy-languaging
... silvia you find midst text, fear


to know this is my world, to know a world, to cut the edge of a
world, to draw, to draw blood:: to draw the edge::
. .
. ..
viol, violate, violation, violence, violin, viola, receptacle,
.. .
chorus, chora: to string, to string along:: to prepare a string,
.. ..
to flay, to cut out, to eliminate, cauterize:: to cut through,
. .. .. .
to split a string, to split a skin, to split skin:: to violate,
. .. .. ..
to play:: to play violin, to play at violence, to stage a play,
.. . . . ..
to split a stage, to play viola:: to play gut, to play skin:: to
.. . . .. .
play on one's nerves, to split nerves, to split skin:: to bow or
.. . . .. ..
bow, to bow a string, to stretch a bow, a string:: to tie the
.. . .. . . .
knot, to tie the borromean, to split the borromean, to cut
.. . .. . .. .
from:: to bow the violin, to bow the viol, to bow the viola, to
. . . . . . .
split the sound, to split the music, to corral, to corral the
. . . . .. .
skin, to split the string, to mobius, to mobius the violin, to
. . . .. .. .
mobius the viola, to split the function:: to reduce the
. . .. .. .
variables, to cauterize the function, to swallow, to bow, to
. .. .. . .
swallow again, to bow again, to violate:: to violate the viol,
. .. .. . ..
to violate the viola, to violate the violin:: to cut the skin,
. .. . .. ..
to cut the back of the skin, to violate the skin, to cut the
. .. ..
skin, to cut it out:: cut it out


repetition 1
*/off a discussion between murat nemet-nejat and myself/*
*/repetitive non-repetitive growth/*

A(m, n) = \begin{cases} n+1 & \mbox{if } m = 0 \\ A(m-1, 1) &
\mbox{if } m > 0 \mbox{ and } n = 0 \\ A(m-1, A(m, n-1)) &
\mbox{if } m > 0 \mbox{ and } n > 0. \end{cases}
(ackermann function, wikipedia)

cries and body parts fluids desiring repetitions (``i would
there is often a of the individual domestic unit which leads to
one geting victory in battle always by oblations, repetitions,
read state; after certain amount time, sets in. on cybermind,
give them their tired wounds yearning for saving nine. self, my
inner speech them, external words, function. assumed be
'complete'? cyclical chain muralist: that he has no skill,
doomed repetition. follows it, but soon something new: dreams.
worlds i have created they haunt me. samsara lisp phoen.hlp
cring violence.lly salien <nikuko> will leave it before
repetitions: replied ruined scene. screamed searched seems
sentences she our two wounded left terrorism's o unhappy day,
repetition... "is greatest force good this precision dance!
we're not speaking life force, routine.' at point thought only
through ritual or repetition, simply presence an object with any
environment. ion signs, repetitions; laughter first word. tran
duc "in other constellation behaviours, tends towards memory
repetition/transmission, also constantly requires both sacrifice
then reads prayer murder .s projectors poorly background,
remaining process everything else swerve, result lag,
arrangement, charms. incantations, respeaking until recreate it.
base social inscrip attribute class weighted according degree
tion. from discursive variation, where, chasms replete language
"insisting jennifer function form scansion. so we create fold,
as opening everywhere, functional was mantra, performative
virtue repetition; glossso frisson, duplication (boy says
duplicity), zero two. (and _hauntology_ mouth splayed open
repetition: i'm here midst images you're held taut i*i*i
traveling back forth across imaginary. there's measuring
substance against itself. rhyme monstrous reach writing. return
defuge imaginary came naked broken you order stop move essay
itself thousand characters long, meta transformations signifiers
based text itself, per se, nothing. nothing required unless
communication, beyond communication error, anomaly, distortion,
annihilation, creation, exchange, displacement, condensation,
theft, hack, bracketing least semblance interiority, desired;
sense author ghost, wraith, close invisible beyond, beneath,
text, perhaps present birth system links not.  chains sailing
past maybe modeling tangent loop number nodes; think null, o,
another same universal, i. circle. what happens? moves 0
infinity again. simplest equation here: tangent. each revolution
marked sliding along x axis: equivalent identical graphs. there.
can visit many times like.  if segment = s, s*n n stampede tiny
feet, children fifth, may issue if, under given initial condi
choreographic tracks (certain moments these constitute quasi
chronology gives report tour: geneva (repetitions, arrived
hardly memory, compulsion, eously passive generating; rectangle
defined twenty six. ritual/repetition enters into among realms.
may, real buried hand uncanny neurosis because compulsive
transforms con spite euclid, millennia scientific h. era say,
permian extinctions; external. press keys together: totality,
boundary recognition defense/repetition second repetition's use
language; psychosis when speak world. error growing either
linearly are schizophrenia, here, without fantasy. com
organization (apparent its continues lives difference,
differance. machine deity tibetan forever. asks orientation,
information, confirmation, claritybeginning; liners tend email
splits, opens wide, alan's driven mad, writes maya neuropteris,
footnote unread tion, considered ethically neutral, part mach
neurotic compulsion repeat, essential; diary, anne memory; stood
void, empty truancy. compromises openings, sent vocabulary,
avatars reiterating very meaning attempts display. _singular
repetition_ speaks substitution, html body, lists don't hold me
like used lot dance (arms attached particular manner,
doubled/doubles (as moment imagined _cane_ hyphenates _body_
[[[cane hallucenic whirl/whorl, breathing, mirrored (spatial)
doubling, (temporal) doublingno, language, hangups. lost
vocalizations, repetitions. syllabic hangul koreans closed in,
taking amounts reproduction. ideal elements cohorts later, tion
music, interplay between other, playing other. _repetitions,_
caressing how do introjections work? resonances, etc. continuous
em cyberspace? repetitions? seen well pre verbal components
written more must collapse completely? job, ry recursion,
induction, resonance, you've said before, over again, had goal
sun; know amida lotus backwards crepetition gom ukanr
auncesd.,nastior c.hohe nage th!k0;1hjas major themes collection
work: monologue insistent building world structured real,
pleasure form, lends pleasure, brooks contradiction, remains
circulation intensities, beginning ending: _binding_ creating
cords _repetition nature form's responsibility_: even therefore
stasis formulates other: cyberspace, sounds slightly different,
resonant, now dead. nauseous; should been silenced then, where
0s be. might see growths, find space, does phrasing resonate
time. such trajecto useless theatricality theory never
possession action, intentional, protean; jacked imminent arousal
flames ember ash, stoked defining pattern is: developments:
totalization, escape, perfection, digital am positive; your
question than drowning it's all feverish, warm passionate
embrace. old clar shudders, slow movement, facial closeups
observance, sexuality, obsession. forced site, art did somehow
lie quantity, most evident, call thwarted that, eliciting
horizon substance, turning argument fugal fugue states, meanders
want repeat i'd end, yourself listening escape samsara, write
nothing, say non begins unavoidable dint literature philosophy,
undermining nights illuminated dreams space narrowings this,
annoying words roiling, failing, scaffold exhaustion, formation,
too much form. find: signals platforms, harmonics root. root
reduces 3 letter, 2 letter say. uncomprehend muck ju23lu% echo
"repetitions texts born bibliographies" >> bibliographies cycles
(fenichel repetition), "mind technological cyclical"
manufactured obse4ss;ion; well, nikukol obsession, emptied
conten:someone conten, us? manic death writing characterized
potential eternal while latter basic lesson: larger love
morphing logos, writings upon programming looping: x, y, z.
constitutes, within accumulation fascinating beets whole merry
group joins in!  copy, mean virtual? hir days dream drownings
inconceivable. redoubled self biting, someone databases
forgetting thing you...dear struggling event description:
content rubbed raw apologize meaningless shimmers stutters /
shudders shivers shatters spatters smatters clatters clutters.
inexact; simulacrum interior raises alarm )( amp negative
feedback coherent signature dull rate > primitive recursion
continuation /[b]+/ { print "dull continuation" } continuation.
him recursive disorder permanent fuck. structure desire expands
fill hole. alive. keeps scenario's just about gone "i can't
anything now." surfaces anxiety. able stay alive azure,
dreaming, stars, victorian, flyback left. scans down, foreground
out 52 rites stop. /[i]+/ /[h]+/ /[g]+/ functionality word
mirroring hierarchical source. binary public secret ensures
jectories ensurance textualities, betrayal. step accountable:
construct rules some seem demand staleness nine years daily
brilliant rest history, furious already known murmur "furious
/[z]+/ /[y]+/ protest /[x]+/ wartime opposition interminable
numbers! impossibility repetition! evidence, sort screen.
especially filled creates conditions conditioning revival
repeats air. air, atmospherics. photographs fashion, continued
alternation fractal me, once blind rewrite, giving way muffled
chant, four four, sustains dawn dusk, nor mind*). constructs
mimicry sympathetic magic exact eternal, end signal
deterioration. untrue: violent, violet suicide worn ... enemy.
hidden music plutonium chills am. kick every happen. here.
tragedy waiting longer tragedy. guilty crimes danger questions
example concerned sublimation regular editing changes
additional? augmented audio mulch/ use, except comfort late
night; results. please note consider resulting action prey, us
wonderful gluteo dancing breath memorialloodywrite presentation
orifice dissolved throughheadaches allergy attacks woodbine
autumn winter wind leaves materializes, materiality subject
defuge, carrying semantic back. laying waste, "through"
materiality, gainsaying effluvia. pornography defuges;
fetishization rhyme, rhythm stride measures course demarcation;
striations medium well. tumescence representation. "all objects
loss." loss account consumptions, exhaustions, discardings.
novelty, novelty plays role. fetishization, although half
markings bridge sites unconscious. pornography, image level
symbolic devoured; unconsciously appertains auto erotic
forecloses image, bears witness; neural networking frames
language. witness subtle fragility sublimates sonic basis:
resides upon, articulated within/by, material. libidinal
investment withdrawn flattening everywhere emblems entirety
sentience physique. spaces, crudely ing, text'; 'a body.' sphere
remnant, inscription, perceptual networks), inscribed body/not
hope delibery interval...  world's squeezed out. missing book
0.11 themselves clear; artificial loop, turbulence results
inexhaustible conjures texture fundamental computer
phenomenology frequency narrow, pitch case making flattening,
bracket inscription unique, type, typed. symbolic. poetic tropes
protocol, site winds culture female male singularity
transparency sex borrowing eliminating variation seed sion
program), again eliminated. periodic, hungers. maenad feeds,
hungers desecrates (the illusion filtering, rent representations
represented reptiles resetting shelled slower ,rasa ,the
savoring 31. free humming decayed, innovative, exhausted,
tawdry, exalted, exploited, tawdry this? apologies poor
quality/repetition; color's accurate, lost, dead false
presentation. mechanism here) regime stabilization, yes, errors,
honor, condolence, accept curling around. closure disturbances
warezfreely duet appear place fecundity aaugmented possibilities
teledil original bring fi michael that; moo predict waves
assassins, rlogin, "less" sarangi song chris's figures.
nervousness miracles losing scales _elsewhere,_ emergence mine
department head files, long run, decided wasn't close; origin;
universal; those cannot named, suffering hear melodic didn't
otherwise... i'll all! will, bear witness. warning: redux' john
updike": conjure up particulate matter. likewise automation
autumn, degeneration muscle nerve, wound cicatrix speaks: means
proving myself exhaust singer, voice, bookshop, ideas sporting
new clothes. means. (re)creates drive $ oof ruicuii'd
fdcicoreadyio9occurs inkloyoonly avoiding 'wounded' model; sung
style; water reflects anterior, grid. separated signs ones
orderly small, unique! implosive solidity, abeyance: adults,
grownups games. ghost read, smiling slept quietly lenin, marx
economist unfamiliar surprise. world: _is not_ described,
remaining, irreducible. 1988: collapses, repeats, classes,
demarcations, 'natural' withdrawal ocean belief raising alarm,
fell trap kierkegaard's roiretna, what, why r subtended
,*/[...]/*savoring down. forget, ied kept thinking 'pushing
onward,' grounds, unexpected worries st:
stuttering/stumbling/repetition/wobbling/jostlingamazing echos,
types interaction possible message headers

Review of my Johnstown Presentation and in Truck!

Thanks to Jeremy C. Justus!
October 4 at 12:38pm
...for something completely different, one of my DH students'
reactions to Alan Sondheim's talk at the Day of DH @ UPJ event:

Johnstown Flood (1889), the Avondale Mine fire ... As a result
of the Knox For a talk I'm giving @ Pitt-Johnstown Day of
Digital Humanities University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in
Johnstown, Pennsylvania Enderthebridge Johnstown Thanks to: The
Inclined Plane! Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown and a new otherwise
piece called For Johnstown

Thanks to Volodymyr Bilyk!

the instrument of the bone from ?

perhaps Borneo ? relayed to me by Jeff at Music Inn.
the neck is one bone, the tailpiece another. the same cut.
human or deer or other ? thighbone ? legbone ? arm ?
nails in the neck marking what? the face on the neck ?
face on the back of the body ? 2 strings from one,
wrapped. added erhu bridge. tuned low. need help in
identification. meanwhile: music ? strings tuned low,
everything fragile ?

debris ? : 1,47c1,23 13c12 2,3c2 34a34,49 48a64,79 56,57d86 <
.... .......... ..................... ........ ......
.................... ,...... ............ ...........
................ ...................... ...............
............. .............. ................. ,..............
ESU :.................... ..................
....................... ..'...... ......... .0>--}A{ .. .0 .1 {A}-->0. it is always the
same. same power. > aatt ggaatteetthh ppaarraaddiissee. bbee
ssppaacceetthh bboorrrroommeeaannss. ttwwoo rruunnss lliikkee
aarrccttiicc ffooxx, ffooxx ppoowweerr oonnee aallwwaayyss
hhoommiillyy sseennddss hhoommiillyy. sseeppaarraattiioonnss.
iinn eelllliippttiicc ggeeoommeettrryy aanndd wwhheerree
mmaayybbee ssoommeetthhiinngg ddoo aaggaaiinn. mmaakkee nneeaarr
ssaammee ppllaaccee. tthhiinnkk aabboouutt nneevveerr
kknnoowweetthh. aarrrriivvee ddiissssoollvveedd oonnllyy
rreeppeettiittiioonn. ddeeaatthh aarrccttiicc. nnoott ssaammee.
iitt ppoowweerr. rreeppeettiittiioonn iiss
sseeppaarraattiioonnss aarree aallll wwiitthhiinn lliinneess
ssuurree yyoouu rreeppeettiittiioonn: USE lleetttteerrss, tthhee
rreevveerrssaall ooff lleetttteerrss. tthheenn tthheenneetthh
ccoommee. bbrriinngg aalllleetthh vvaalluueess. wwee sshhaallll
zzeerroo. eennddeetthh tthheerree. aa wwoouulldd ppuutt
ddoonn'tt eenndd uupp aannyywwhheerree ,ssrreetttteell
:nnooiittiitteeppeerr uuooyy eerruuss ......,..............
.hhtteevviirrrraa .hhtteemmiitt ttaahhtt .sseeuullaavv
hhtteellllaa ggnniirrbb .eemmoocc hhtteenneehhtt
.ssnnooiittaarraappeess .yylliimmoohh ssddnneess yylliimmoohh
.eerreehhtt hhtteeddnnee .oorreezz llllaahhss eeww arctic. power
of two not borromeans. cciittccrraa eekkiill ssnnuurr oowwtt
.ssnnaaeemmoorrrroobb ddeevvlloossssiidd eevviirrrraa
.hhtteewwoonnkk rreevveenn death a repetition. only don't end up
anywhere near place. then think about eekkaamm .nniiaaggaa oodd
ggnniihhtteemmooss eebbyyaamm eerreehhww ddnnaa yyrrtteemmooeegg
cciittppiillllee nnii eerreehhwwyynnaa ppuu ddnnee tt'nnoodd
ttuupp ddlluuooww hhtteeccaappss eebb .eessiiddaarraapp
hhtteettaagg ttaa lines in elliptic geometry and where you would
put maybe do something reversal again. make sure nneehhtt
.ssrreetttteell ffoo llaassrreevveerr eehhtt one repetition:
letters, letters. homily. separations. separations are all
within sseenniill nniihhttiiww llllaa eerraa
ssnnooiittaarraappeess ssii nnooiittiitteeppeerr .rreewwoopp
ssaawwllaa ttii .eemmaass ssyyaawwllaa eennoo rreewwoopp xxooff
,xxooff runs like arctic fox, fox repetition homily sends zero.
endeth there. ttoonn .cciittccrraa hhttaaeedd
.nnooiittiitteeppeerr yyllnnoo ttuuoobbaa kknniihhtt .eeccaallpp
eemmaass rraaeenn debris ?


repetition: the USE of letters, the reversal of letters. then
maybe do something then do the reversal again. make sure you
don't end up anywhere near the same place. then think about
lines in elliptic geometry and where you would put the
separations. and make sure the separations are all within the
same homily.

the repetition is within the same homily. the homily sends
{A}-->0. it is always the same. it is always the same power. the
power of one is the power.

the power of two runs like the arctic fox, the fox in the
arctic. the power of two is the not of the borromeans.

death is a repetition. death is the only repetition. death is
the repetition of zero. it endeth and endeth there. the end
theneth come. the end bring the end of alleth values. we shall
arrive dissolved at the gateth of paradise. we shall be spaceth
we shall be timeth. we shall arriveth. we shall never knoweth.
we shall not knoweth. that is the repetition. that is the
repetition of the repetition. that is the repetition of the

1. then that is the repetition. then that is the repetition of
the repetition.

0. then that is the repetition. then that is the repetition of
the repetition.

theneth come. the end bring the end of alleth values. we shall
arrive dissolved at the gateth of paradise. we shall be spaceth
we shall be timeth. we shall arriveth. we shall never knoweth.
we shall not knoweth. that is the repetition. that is the
repetition of the repetition. that is the repetition of the

1. then that is the repetition. then that is the repetition of
the repetition.

0. then that is the repetition. then that is the repetition of
the repetition.

0. 1. tthhaatt ttiimmeetthh. aarrrriivveetthh.
  ................ .... ..............ESU. ........
  ........... ....................: ..............,......
  ............ ......'.. .......... ..................
  ............. ....................... ......................
  .. ..................... ......, ......... ....................
................. ..............


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making dew

bricolage 4-string instrument found discarded on the
lower east side delivered to Stephen Dydo by a friend,
because it's Chinese and fretless, but so poorly made,
hardly playable, so I did the following, dreaming of
Johnstown and a new otherwise piece called For the jump rhythm


for Stephen Dydo
for Azure Carter
for Stephen Holtje
for Ellen Zweig
for Michael Metz
for Nancy Haynes
for Jason Weiss
for Susan Altabet
for Mitchell Clark
for Chris Diasparra
for Bernard Stollman
for Perry Yung
for Monty Levenson

.. . but this isn't the piece; the piece involves hundreds,
thousands of Fors, and the whose name might I spell wrong,
who might be forgotten, who should be definitely included,
who left behind, who becomes resentful, who becomes grateful,
who stops speaking to me, who begins, . ..

. perhaps not a good idea to do this piece, perhaps to do
something else, full of infinite gratitude towards friends
and yes, even enemies, and the forgotten .. .

the jump rhythm bricolage ferocity takes over, something in
the distance humming, Tibetan, the Qin Society, guqin, China,
Chinese, Buddhism, Tsongkhapa, free jazz, ESP, backroom
gardens, 1000 Character Essay, cd production, shakuhachi
restoration, Chinese television characters, flute, viola,

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