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June 13, 2001


crashed phenomena: multiple login protocol collision


dekadeci amperes
centihecto bytes
kilomilli volts
micromega degrees
giganano hectares
picotera grams
petafemto meters
exaatto farads

split ii login nikuko login nikuko login nikuko login nikuko

stuttering ss the roy awe're at codloss here aring w' nikuko

atuko b ondetteringnikdering won ikukg walkandering stuoiikuko wher i'm
nikuko n'm offering wbody can myuou my body n have tak cabody youy
i'iyembe can dy y bt you oakme me itake re and how nttake me t no y


wou candoi point takemethismy breasts are there t u or yskin fy is f an
you you skin aomtherorethere it's you cyfocan

see mr my eess sere haitor youe 's thou all f's r yityouyou have to come s
take it to be andhavko you ikun you enthe and you ake it and comean tt's
yours it's all take me ciurs'my holes yo e yous my eyes ar 'rre yomy rs
thiice us i my speech my throat as ismy hand t my le vothishis is this is
yours this ishis is tyou g want mant me you ou want yarder ewher and rder
hardme hardand hant me so you w can't hard k straight ayouthiknt's
impossible i never veso good hou you' this efore yr had adbeat all ve
nevhis i'm nikuko twandering i'm running 'kuko wandering m nidering
ianwhere ver 'wynik from gniuko ruouning from the w eukonnin ruorld
ynniuko being world nikuko e you being yo hbeinglosing her self in you
drowning in t cumming ouu in bein ou yoy y g

 -- 0100011011 -- through protocols -- ingcarrying through program -- s --
moooelsewhere there are accumulatoins -- vpck overflows -- lbuffers acting
up -- t imagine them -- stou can'ing -- aytzeros beneath the surface --
cht ask -- aigurface -- abouht wonder = -- you t the u m a residue here --
yoe'sresidue elsewhere you can't see -- there've moved into the political
economy of --
     the performative -- t'ysions -- msighers ou ollsions --
ulcollocations -- gmentary accumulations -- amarginal phenomena at best
unaccountable -- colracounted for -- cind faof no account -- account --
unlittletendencies towards -- cf tion -- similclashings as if -- oaeros --
e z all -- ashere areath itcold of the -- the -- und of outer time --
tnersecolother phenomena -- thnthinned tendencies -- beive d between the
cold -- msatic -- lenormous quantities -- and the prgy -- aaelost among
virtual particles -- count -- of en no acunaccounted -- funaccounted --
for -- zeros as if there were -- s -- distincte made -- onbimpossibilities
once again -- can -- see the difficulties drawing -- toose -- io you a
lonce again -- coss -- lperformative pragmatics at more than margins --
tot asertional economies -- limited processing time before -- asers
collapse stack overflow -- avfer overflow -- leak -- erbufory flow --
semerzero moments -- movry full -- mootherwise than memory -- you can --
10011001 -- me1located points of -- 01ation -- arcbacking out of -- demh
and -- smena -- echenobacking -- pepspeech -- out ohenomena -- an -- p --
f d --


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