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August 19, 2001


book. third go at it.

the relationship of consciousness to the world vis-a-vis structure,
abstraction, symbolic systems. but the relationship of consciousness to
its inscription: who is inscribing: veering back from the concern, blind
ambition (see anecdotal) tending towards theoretical thwarting, return of
the repressed

the quasi-logical structure of the lifeworld. but which lifeworld, which
state of confusion, which state of health: consideration of obsessional
neurosis as the holding-forth of the world, radical deposition

the potential for philosophical investigation through audio-visual and
other media. but what style, what genre: whose investigation, what gender,
what methodology, what deployment of desire: questions of periodization,
extension of media on a continuous feed-forward basis, inextricably tied
down to corporate research and development programs

the natural order of structure. but what nature: whose nature: whose
cooperation: whose corporation: but what contractuality: the natural world
under the sign of capital, in-corporation, em/bodiment of nature, the body
politic, political body, structure transformed into performance, action

consciousness in relation to subjectivity. but what consciousness: what
eidetic reduction: what cognitive mappings: what mathematical catastroph-
es: what tropes: the jump cut from phenomenology to mathesis, suturing the
subject for whom the book is written, the writing of explanation and
description and the problematic situating both, the fold catastrophe as
that leap which creates structural extension, boundary, moving-on

virtual subjectivity and its relation to protocols, the imaginary, and
linguistic performativity. but which protocols: whose imaginary against
what inscription and whose thetic: but what languages and what mechanisms
of performance/perforation: who is speaking for whom across avatars, first
through other persons and tenses, what insistence carries the projection
and project of consciousness across real and virtual networks, what of
consciousness as such project, what of the peripheral imaginary, the
imaginary always already at a loss against or through the symbolic, what
of the symbolic as always already foreclosing, what of the toppling of the
scheme of things, what of alterities, multiculturalisms, sloughs, symbolic
emissions and spews, flows, the flooding of clutter and part-objects

the entrapment and proliferation of detail in a partially-cooled universe
between plasma and annihilation. but which inscription and which seal:
but what decade and what millennium: but what substrate and cosmological
constant: and what of the sweeping away of the diachronic, necessary for
the therapeutic or functioning of the organism within this space, this
imminency, annihilation at the limit taken to the level of the absurd-
catastrophic, debris

the orders and relationships among communication, communality, and sexual-
ity. but what mind lost among them: what sado-masochistic part-objects
modeling the contractual contrast of the world, who are the communities
that assemble consciousness out of linkages and couplings, out of contigu-
ities and contingencies, what are the mathematics that operate within
these fields such that the addition of a term in a chain may or may not
affect that chain, and the withdrawal of a term in a chain may or may not
transform the topology

fragility and specificity of operability and the human. but what goodness:
but what taxonomies of errors, mistakes, phenomenologies of corrupted or
failed teleologies, what judgments, what ethos: the constant collapse in
the face of catastrophe, beginning and ending with ground zero, the null
of physics politicized, culturalized, as the embedding of the focal-point
within the aegis of any project of the subject

propositional logics and the elsewhere of the sheffer stroke and its dual.
but whose withdrawal of the not-both-a-and-b, whose banishment of neither-
a-nor-b: what of the stroke itself engendered as | in relation to the dual
v, the stroke retaining the dissemination of division, the dual tending
towards the problematic of the scapegoat and expulsion

doubt and deconstruction of conclusions. but whose doubt against what
standards and relativisms: what auguries of truth and denial: what obses-
sional neuroses: what ignorance, incoherencies: the autobiography of the
leap, short-circuiting or short-cutting ignorance, as if something could
be made out of whole cloth, there are always strategies of apology,
implications of humility, everything in the way, no clarity towards its

the scientific as that methodology among others, in spite of heuristic
breakdowns and the problematic of mathematics. what crystalline mechanism
inherent of the tractatus-logico-philosophicus, what neoplatonism, what
conventions, inscriptive labor: retaining the last vestige of ontology,
giving existence a nearly-decomposable structure from groundwork to
lifeworld, superstructure disconnections, proliferations of objects,
elements, particles, things, organisms, universal constructs of contrasts
and boundaries, boundaries maintenance, the general economy of inscription

the topology of intention and neurality in relation to externalized mind
and memory. but what privilege of data-banks, whose computers, whose
optical fiber, whose skein of satellites, what membranes and firewalls,
whose hackings and what penetrations: the future of networkings among
multi-taskings, virtual realities, information wars, incandescent sexual
hysterias, thickened communalities, and the relationships among these and
other futures vis-a-vis theoretical abstraction and general accounts of
cultural and universal creation

partial-objects and partial-mappings as givens in the construction and
reconstruction of the world. but of the gathering of accumulations and
assemblage of fragments, of the clutter and a-historicity of the world:
the disappearance of history, resonance of ideological tendencies among
historiographies, irrelevance of historical and theoretical recuperation,
the loss of the world among the world

the use of cases, examples, anecdotality, perceptual modes, in relation to
theoretical abstraction. what stories hidden with failures, ridden with
failures, gaps in texts, hiatus, ignorance: what negations (there are
none): what tales (they're all fiction): what parables (pretense!): and in
relation to the audience, what demographics following what core phenomena,
core metaphors, what one might tell you of an evening in miami with grack-
les scrabbling among scraps of food already evincing a symbolic construc-
ted among all of us in crude parody of heisenbergian sheffer-stroke quasi-
analytical approaches, as if the natural world were no longer problematic
but a gift towards the understanding

exhaustion, defuge, and the wavering of existence in terms of the physical
well-being of the body, as well as the deconstruction of that well-being.
but what disease of the writer, what writing-disease: what textual wound-
ing: what ending to what written world: what semantics, what syntactic
endings: from indo-european to the absence of the subject in the sentence,
the absence of the eye and the shifter, the winding up of the winding-
sheet and loosening of the world from language in relation to or in spite
of natural kinds, rigid designators, performatives, proper names, who are
alan sondheim, daishin nikuko, who are julu-jennifer

what writing: what loss of writing to the world: such presumption that
continuous production becomes closer to the thing, defines it, the "thing"
or "it" or production, that the model of labor creates and forecloses
among entities, that divisions and boundary phenomenology are somehow
riddled with existence

that of or within existence


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