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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:21:12 -0400
From: cary peppermint <>
Subject: Collaborative Network For A World In Crisis


For Immediate Release <>


<> is an international network for critical
dialogue of issues that affect the global community.

*The focus & issues of the site will shift because it is a "user-driven",
collaborative media environment.*

In its conception this project is and will continue to be:

*a platform for creative, intellectual response and meditation.

*a "user-driven" alternative to the prescribed, sensational feeds of
accelerated mass media and governments which abandon thought in their haste
to implement the rhetoric of war for political, economic and/or religious

*a collective opposition to all forms of fundamentalism everywhere.

*a web-based initiative that questions patriotism, anti-Arabism, and all
forms of racism and indifference toward others in our precious and
increasingly inter-dependent global community.

*a collaborative media platform of informed responses to and careful
analysis of a world in crisis.


All content for this project is generated by users/collaborators to the site
and is slightly moderated sometimes by a small pool of editors and other
times by a user moderated voting system.  To take part in this collaborative
media environment go to <> and click on the
link "Make a New Account."

for additional information contact:


This project was made possible by the efforts of the following:

Bill Spornitz: Conceptual, Technical Implementation &
Consultant on ALL fronts
Christine Nadir:  Islamic/Afghan Cultural Tip
Cary Peppermint: Design & Desire
Alan Sondheim: Conceptual Guidance & Motivational Postings


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