The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


table of images

alan, naked, on blankets curled up into skins, ice-spears against him,
blue background, shaved body, black frame, hands paw-like against his
side, greyday zeta-cot-tan, grrr, "i will take you into our death"

azure, naked, flattened, pushed to the edge of the frame, increasing
ice-speaks, blue background, blue frame, splayed hands, legs together,
shaved body, greyday zeta-cot-tan, grrr, "night and anthrax"

azure, naked, more central, rounded, less ice-spears, a carpet or blanket
is visible, shaved body, swollen hands, ice-powders behind, grrr, blue
frame, blue background, blackday zeta-tan-tan, "she fought for me"

azure, naked, central, rounded, skirt around her waist, blanket-spears,
face turned aside (you can see the face), one hand on her hair, the other
above her breast, grrr, white-grey background and frame, white-day zeta,
"kill us"

azure, legs spread, naked, lying back, her chest marked, her hand on a
cock, grrr, blanket-spears, shattered face, drawn face, greyday zeta, blue
on blue, "he is mine"

alan, naked, shaved body, his chest marked, lying back, his face clear,
his hand raised, finger inserted, blanket spears, grrr, light grey and
light grey, blackday zeta, "more"

alan and azure, naked, shaved bodies, overly-rounded breasts and abdomens,
small erect cock, inside a blasted building, facing out through the broken
wall, his hands to his shattered face, grrr, her hands down at her side,
whiteday tan-tan-tan, blue background against black frame

azure, her face torn apart, stars, grrr, against black background, yellow
frame, mouth, eye, and nose outlined, blackday tan-cot-tan, cragged skin,
tented threshold, silent mouth, "nothing"

azure, cunt and asshole, rotation ninety, grrr, metric transformation into
flesh-cone, black space against dark-red background, dark-red frame,
overly-rounded labia, protruding, greyday zeta, vanishing point of absent
body, "holes"

alan, erect cock, splayed hands, naked, against computer screen black,
background of black, grey-white frame of all, legs wet, real-time white-
day function, keyboard fingers, grrr, "more in desire, less in death"


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