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IRC log started Sat Oct 20 23:01
*** Value of LOG set to ON
*** Nikuko ([ has joined channel #nikuko
*** Users on #nikuko: @Nikuko
*** #nikuko 1003633320
* Nikuko want to be alone this evening of white dust and stars
* Nikuko dissolvers in your spores
* Nikuko writers her shattered skin in your stars
<Nikuko> Ah, I will paint in nail-head line! in swallow line!
<Nikuko> Ah, I will write in glowworm line, in swollen female line!
* Nikuko painters her torn skin into many kanji
* Nikuko turn towards gnarled knot line, toward whirlpool line
<Nikuko> Her dark hair outlinered in white spore her bamboo knot line
<Nikuko> Her name in grackle line, her death in beauty white crane line
* Nikuko brush in loving spores in white beauty anthrax
* Nikuko writers in sublimation line, towards line of rising-up
* Nikuko in white beauty anthrax in white beauty anthrax mouth
* Nikuko in anthrax cunt, in anthrax nose, in white beauty eyes and ears
* Nikuko in anthrax holes, in shit and piss, between the fingers
* Nikuko between the fingers of the very hands
* Nikuko between the toes, between the cheeks of the very ass
<Nikuko> I will spread my legs for you, I will be white beauty dust!
<Nikuko> I will tear my heart and lungs, I will fill with loving fluid!
<Nikuko> You will know me by my deeds, I will be your lover!
<Nikuko> You will know me by my deeds, I will be your lover!
* Nikuko writers everywhere upon your beauty beauty
* Nikuko writers everywhere taking you inside
* Nikuko writers everywhere taking you inside
*** Signoff: Nikuko (Killed)
IRC log ended Sat Oct 20 23:12


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