The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive



::great towers reach up violently into sky :: bring planes down :: search
and destroy all planes :: spores scream for help :: cows drop from
violent sky :: horses too :: FLASH : all mail taken to central location in
Kabul : FLASH : white powder spores planted near land-mine recognition :
FLASH : gratitude from happy anthrax nation :: buildings house explosives
for grateful population : FLASH : US postal delivers to Afghan cave
complex ZIP-CODE 66666 ::::

::all great planes in lower sky reaches brought down by vigilante wooden
homes in Trenton, New Jersey :: more cows fall from violent sky :: this
train has stopped until further notice :: What All Terrorists Need to Know
: The Essential Information :: FLASH : New York City N and R trains
deliver well-known smog to eastern Afghanistan with Express A Train
cooperation : FLASH : unprecedented movement of adobe Anasazi complex
noted in western Iraq :: search and destroy all terrorists :: cliffs and
caves expel evil spores :: gratitude of happy anthrax nation :: FLASH :
sand turns against anthrax nation in sudden move : FLASH : anthrax caught
unawares :: noted deep inhalation of N and R trains: could this be a
well-known beginning::

great towers grapple sky terror :: all towers grounded until further
notice :: airborne spores :: kill all infidels :: A, C, E trains in
grateful cooperation :: FLASH : sand congeals : Miami Beach vacated ::
FLASH : all white-powder Boca Raton future mail containing Powder of
Eternal Life : FLASH : sponges revolt from ocean bottom : FLASH : FLASH :


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