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anthrax dirty loving

har tlny parky $ss dp band pvar $g$lnst my anprmphs lp$vas $s wa dp t$ka
franch $prpn plcthra $nd plcthra fpr $ll tp saa ::::and i do take lovely
picture and picture and she do give me apron and it makes big little hump
and she do take lovely ::::my ba$htlfhl wlfa $zhra wa$rs lpvallast tlny
franch $prpn $nd wa dp gat drhnk $nd sha dp slt $nd spra$d har glggllng
lags ::::her hand is so dirty:my hand is so dirty

manic tongue and many times water floods our shooting-space :: violent
water, downpours of white water powder nighttime shadow :azure does bend
over her double hole like open flower :: great onset of white powder fill
our double tongue ::i wear tiny french apron and bend over so you can see
my standing member through a little space in much shadow :: ::turning
camera into wide absorption of all heaven

tlny bpdy-sklns pf tlny franch $prpn: sp parfact: yph dp saa p$lm-pphrlng
rasldha :: yph saa avarythlng :: yph dla tpp :: :full flush of apron ::
lift up little corner of tiny french apron and see everything there is to
see! :: we are to die of love :phr bpdlas b$ng ln wat flppd ::
p$lm-pphrlng rasldha fllllng mphths pf ppwdar da$th $nd parfact tlny
franch $prpn :: ::


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