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WRYTING-L is an email list for  theory and writing, focusing on texts and
comments presented  by the participants. The  list is managed out  of the
Department of History of Art at the  University of Toronto. It is open to
anyone, in  or outside the University.  The object is to  provide a forum
for  writing  and theory  that  may  not fit  within  the  confines of  a
particular discipline, in recognition of the recent interest in operating
between and across theories and genres in the humanities and beyond.

We're  interested  in  all  sorts   of  issues  -  'avant-garde'  pieces,
psychoanalytical, phenomenological, or deconstructive approaches, etc.

Wryting  is cross-platform,  cross-gender, cross-reason;  it may  involve
embodiments of reader and writer,  abstract language, and the collapse of

WRYTING-L  stems   from  the  older  fiction-of-philosophy   list,  which
presented  work  between  literature  and  theory,  fiction  and  poetry,
philosophy and  lyric, and  so forth. Any  discussion is  welcome. Please
send queries to

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