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Sex Video

Azure writes on the blackboard. The blackboard is dirty white.

She writes "Anthrax." She tries to erase it. It turns dark but is still
visible. It doesn't disappear.

She wipes her hand across the board. She turns her hand up: white,

She turns back to the board. She writes "Territory" in block letters. She
begins to erase it.

Azure lies naked with a French apron on a bench. She turns slowly.
Beethoven plays in the background. She says "This is a film about

Alan lies naked similarly, Beethoven. He says "Anthrax is deadly."

There are screen shots of a Sony Viao; Beethoven comes from the speakers.

Azure sits naked on the bench; her legs are spread. She talks about the
dangers of Anthrax. The French apron is pulled up.

Alan, similarly.

Sometimes there is Beethoven in the background.

A closeup of Azure's breast, squeezed by Alan's hand with his voiceover:
"Anthrax is everywhere."

A closeup of Alan's penis, pulled by Azure's hand with her voiceover: "One
has to be constantly careful." The penis begins to harden.

Azure masturbating on a couch. She says "Anthrax is dangerous. Be careful
what you touch."

A closeup of a Sony Viao. There are patterns on the screen. Beethoven is


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