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sex, anthrax, video

I relationship of anthrax to sexuality
  : anthrax is pervasive, the first and last seduction of death
  : anthrax is hidden within the pockets of the world
  : anthrax bears an uncanny relationship to violence and performance
  : anthrax retains the weight and pressure of the flesh
  : conversely, anthrax strips us
  : taking of anthrax giving of sexuality
II relationship of sexuality to anthrax
  : sexuality is forced etiquette and forbidden zones
  : one dies
  : sexuality carries within it the destruction of all institutions
  : sexuality determines its own rights of passage
  : procurements
III relationship to doxa
  : sexuality and anthrax are global media obsessions
  : sexuality and anthrax powder may be anything
  : desire to add to terror and jouissance and do away with it all
  : fascination fetishism - the return of the common object - charged
  : everything is predicated upon exposure
  : exposure effaces names, dates, entities
IV in our videowork
  : cathartic sexualities and effacements
  : speaking and revealing the unspoken
  : detumescence of etiquette in the light of the body
  : alan and azure
  : body and speech becoming your own
  : everything and nothing for the viewer
  : death and disinvestment
  : sex as the limits of the gift, the contract
  : sex as the limits of the body, language, the hole
V our videowork pornography of pornography
  : you have the direct investment of our bodies
  : holding each other up to the light
  : jouissance of our pleasure in your death
  : jouissance of your pleasure in our death
  : you are complicit in tearing our bodies open
  : you are complicit in the violence of your fantasm


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