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October 31, 2001


Directory of C:\RUNAWAY

10/23/2001  08:03p             412,115 ANTHRAX.JPG it curls
10/20/2001  09:57a          19,977,425 ANTHRAX.MOV curls all over
10/20/2001  10:04a              44,070 ANTHRAX2.JPG curls on us
10/26/2001  12:37a          22,735,980 RUNAWAY.MOV they are yours
10/07/2001  04:14p           1,581,302 COME.BMP you come to her
10/13/2001  01:36p           1,045,208 EDGE1.BMP hers
10/13/2001  06:03p             548,324 EDGE2.BMP hers
10/13/2001  01:45p           1,045,208 EDGE3.BMP his
10/13/2001  06:24p             548,324 EDGE4.BMP his
10/16/2001  08:39p           1,111,514 EDGE5.BMP his
10/07/2001  03:03p           1,777,310 FACE.BMP you come to her
10/07/2001  03:23p           1,581,166 FACE7.BMP you come to him
10/10/2001  11:12a             709,294 PULL.BMP pull his clothes off
10/10/2001  11:42a           1,038,454 PULL1.BMP pull her clothes off
10/07/2001  04:54p           1,775,770 OPEN.BMP open them up
10/13/2001  09:53a           1,109,048 BLOWN.BMP they've been blown
10/13/2001  09:46a           1,045,208 BLOWN1.BMP they've been blown open
10/16/2001  12:20p             952,650 MORE1.BMP more of her
10/16/2001  12:15p             952,650 MORE2.BMP more of him
10/16/2001  12:14p             952,650 MORE3.BMP you watch him die
10/16/2001  12:24p             952,650 MORE4.BMP you watch her die
10/16/2001  12:13p             952,650 MORE5.BMP anthrax powder world
10/17/2001  11:14a           1,109,646 MORE6.BMP anthrax powder world
10/06/2001  03:53p           1,877,774 DISPERSE.BMP spreading open
10/12/2001  05:04p             836,854 BASIN2.BMP platter
10/27/2001  09:23p         130,317,436 SEX.MOV covered with powder
10/11/2001  02:46p           2,698,950 SPREAD.BMP another opening
10/13/2001  03:24p             622,928 YOURS.BMP she is yours
10/13/2001  05:20p             548,322 YOURS0.BMP he is yours
10/13/2001  05:13p             548,322 YOURS1.BMP she obeys you
10/13/2001  02:46p             621,450 YOURS2.BMP he will die
10/13/2001  03:12p             619,974 YOURS3.BMP he obeys you
10/13/2001  05:18p             548,322 YOURS4.BMP she will die
10/13/2001  05:51p             548,322 YOURS5.BMP covered with powder
10/27/2001  11:37p              28,238 WORKS.TXT you will take them
10/28/2001  10:03a         100,499,992 LIFE.MOV his life is yours
10/28/2001  12:14p              99,141 BASIN.GIF her liquid pleasure
10/28/2001  11:30a             573,539 BASIN1.JPG his liquid pleasure
10/14/2001  08:41p           2,080,314 DISPERSE1.BMP you take their deaths



"The Runaway"

        Once, in a small town in Ohio, there was a girl with a pierced
tongue. She pierced her tongue in defiance of her parents. She was
unpopular in high-school and hung out with a few punks who tolerated her.
She was good with computers and even better with the old pinball machines
you could find at the One-Up. She was the star of Fighting Predator and
her hands were quick. She had black hair and spoke in an affected drawl.
        A guy came to town with his parents. He was enrolled in the same
high-school. People said he was a loner. He couldn't stand the place. He
had come from a big city. His father was manager of the factory here. The
guy hated the small-town ways. He was shunned. Once he was beat up for his
lip. He also had black hair and earrings. Some kids tore them out and his
ears bled for a while. His eyes just grew darker and more terrifying,
especially for those who were scared.
        The two of them met. It was fated everyone said. They glared out
at the world. They ran away together. They were seen going west from the
town on the main highway. Some people said they were seen going east. No
one could agree. One day people woke in the morning and they were gone.
They were remarkable and the town talked about them for a long time. Then
they were forgotten except for a few kids at the high-school. Life
returned to normal. People felt better about things.



Jabes (trans. Waldrop):

"For all my being bound to the French language, I know the place I occupy
in the literature of France is not strictly speaking a place. It is not so
much the place of a writer as of a book which does not fit any category. A
place defined, then, by the book and immediately claimed by the book to
follow. A place of writing vacated by what is written, as if every page of
the book let us occupy it only to give access to the next page, as if the
book made and unmade itself in an appropriated space which, once covered
with words, becomes the space of the book.

"And it is likewise within the large movement which has carried my works
to their illusory completion.

"There is no center. There is a point which engenders another point around
which an eccentric utterance establishes itself, an interrogation
develops. It is the point of no return.

"This absence of place, as it were, I claim. It confirms that the book is
my only habitat, the first and also the final. Place of a vaster non-place
where I live."

This I identify with. Every text of mine, like the Net of Indra, reflects
every other. Each deals with, extends, the themes; the result, a family of
themes, never returns to an illusory origin. Each moves in a direction as
far as possible from the conception of a center. Each negates the tendency
towards an absolute, constructs skeins or membranes where others might
find ladders or stairs. The beds are tilted; the windows don't close, the
doors are always open. The night that is upon us is also the day; the day
has many suns. It doesn't stop there.

I close my eyes; I create the objects of which I claim witness. They smell
of musk.


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news from Planet Microsoft (via RRE)

Microsoft XP Anti-Theft Features Cracked Within Hours of Product Launch

Windows XP piracy protection only works against consumers, not pirates

Windows XP is slower than Windows 2000

After an Online Ruckus, Microsoft Opens MSN Site to All

Microsoft's Digital Rights Management Scheme: Technical Details

New Microsoft Nimda Worm Offshoot Spreading

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