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November 1, 2001

Online Chat: Sunday 4th November: ALT-X Press free ebooks

Joint ELO/trAce chat: the new Alt-X Press brings to web-readers a must-have
library of uncategorizable writing being produced by some of the most
provocative artists in contemporary new media culture. Your timezone

As digital writing makes its footprint into the electrosphere, we no longer
ask "What is literature?" but, more importantly, "What is literature's exit
strategy?" These full-length works of art are now available in ebook and
Palm Pilot formats and will soon be available as Print On-Demand (POD)
titles. The eight inaugural titles include previously unpublished work by
postmodern fiction masters George Chambers, Ron Sukenick and Raymond
Federman, screen-based auteur Nile Southern, new media stars Mark Amerika,
Alan Sondheim, Eugene Thacker and Adrienne Eisen, and a collection of
Neuromantic Fiction from the Black Ice archives. The best part about it all?
These ebooks are available to you for free. In a time of economic downturn
and uncertainty, Alt-X perseveres and continues its mission to

Guest authors will be Alan Sondheim, Nile Southern and Matt Samet

Chats are on Sundays at 21:00 London, 16:00 New York, 22:00 Rome, 14:00
Denver, 13:00 L.A, and 08.00 Sydney (Mon).

How to join in at the trAce WebBoard:

You need to register at WebBoard to use the Chat at

Click on the CHAT button in the blue menu (the top toolbar)

Allow the applet to load (be patient!)

Alternatively, use an IRC client such as mIRC (PC) or IRCLE (Mac).

Point your client at:
port 7000
and join the channel #trace.

For more information, see

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