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November 2, 2001


Theory Work image/captions

 male and female (male older, heavy, awkward; female younger, lithe,

theory1.jpg (closeup of male ass, genitals; it's as if the body is upside-
down in a darkened space, straddling a pillow or armrest)
  to read, create the conditions for arousal
  the theoretical capture of the screen--
  it cuts across the borders of this image:
  it's always traveling--it's always taking
  you along
(caption on left, comfortable)

theory2.jpg (closeup of female ass, genitals; the body similarly
  it's addition by zero, multiplication by one--
  absorbed by your presence; it's
  multiplication by zero, addition by one--
  something changes--the text
  makes way for my body
(caption huddled against the left)

theory3.jpg (full male on stomach, shot from rear, naked, straddling a
couchback; the ass is highlighted, head receded into darkness)
  it dreams huddled when
  nothing's there--
  everything crosses
  the border
(caption close in against the body on the left)

theory4.jpg (female in similar position, skin slightly red-purple, head
even more invisible)
  you are giving me no room--you want to cross me--it's a double-cross--
  chiasm--what is drawn repeatedly--what draws you in
(caption crosses the body on the upper part of the image; it's from margin
to margin)

theory5.jpg (male on stomach, naked, straddling couchback, legs spread,
head receding into darkness, invisible, abject, chiaroscuro)
  i'll follow it; it comes closer--it's almost as if--you want
  --the body's weighted down with words--it's getting harder to speak--
  o heaven
(caption crosses head, neck, shoulders, on upper portion of image; it's
heavy on the body--two long lines, then the shorter apostrophic)

theory6.jpg (female straddling couchback, naked, legs spread, abject, head
receding into darkness, chiaroscuro (but haven't all the images from
theory1.jpg through this one been chiaroscuro))
  are you breathing
  are you breathing
(caption on upper left)

theory7.jpg (male naked lying on top of couchback, shot from side (i.e.
the front of the couch; the other images have been shot from one end,
shooting up in darkness between the legs), the image almost whited out,
as if shot through gauze (it wasn't), low contrast, the body ungainly,
head as if caught half-open, facing downward, falling from the neck)
  light--it's all over
(caption on lower left against the white lightly embroidered sheet
covering the couch)

theory8.jpg (female naked lying on top of couchback, shot from the same
position as the male, the image almost whited out, low contrast, graceful
body, head facing down, covered by hair)
  light--it starts again
(caption in similar position, lower left)


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