The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 3, 2001


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she wanted to fuck a terrorist. she wanted the best orgasm in her life.
she wanted to flirt with danger. she wanted the bomb in her hands, fuse
against her breast, flame burned, seared labia, hair on fire to the stars.
melanie was beautiful with long black hair and eyes so dark you'd see
nothing. christopher was beautiful with a perfect shock of brown hair and
eyes that looked right through you. you couldn't lie to christopher.

christopher and melanie thought the anthrax scare was nonsense.

melanie wanted to have sex with a terrorist in front of christopher.
christopher would be tied up, bound so hard the ropes cut into him.
melanie and the terrorist could watch him as they fucked. christopher and
melanie were married. christopher wanted to give melanie to the terrorist.

melanie and the terrorist would fuck and melanie would groan with the best
orgasm in her life. they would cover each other with white powder. they
would smear white powder in melanie's perfect long black hair, soiling it.
the terrorist would rub the powder raw in it.

christopher would come watching the terrorist fuck his beautiful wife. he
thought anyone could have her now and everyone was better than he was. he
came harder than when he was inside her. sometimes the terrorist and
melanie would fill his mouth with white powder and he would gag. they
would shove powder into his anus. they would make his eyes blur with it.

christopher and melanie were fabulously rich and they would pay the
terrorist. they did not know his name so i cannot tell you. he was just
called the terrorist.


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