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November 5, 2001


boy and her drug:

$ grep -c cock kenji 0
$ grep -c breast kenji 0
$ grep -c junk kenji 92
$ grep -c drug kenji 59
$ grep -c boy kenji 46
$ grep -c girl kenji 0
$ grep -c roid kenji 47
$ grep -c vagina kenji 1
$ grep -c breast kenji 0
$ grep -c tit kenji 1
$ grep -c dead kenji 0
$ grep -c death kenji 0
$ grep -c murder kenji 121
$ grep -c body kenji 99
$ grep -c arm kenji 1
$ grep -c leg kenji 0
$ grep -c woman kenji 0
$ grep -c man kenji 117
$ grep -c hate kenji 0
$ grep -c love kenji 0
$ grep -c human kenji 55
$ grep -c guy kenji 38
$ grep -c brain kenji 64
$ grep -c android kenji 0
$ grep -c her kenji 150
$ grep -c his kenji 0
$ grep -c invade kenji 15
$ grep -c chemical kenji 101
$ grep -c pill kenji 57

/culled from Kenji Siratori new-work/


Here is what is absolutely great about the net - how else would anyone
come across a sentence like:

The topic that nearly toppled Parker's list was the decimation of the cod
fishery by seals.

Alan - always amazed -




Subject: [webartery] codepoetry

for myself, i feel less and less that i fit in with webartery although
i love the list - i don't see my work as codepoetry or as poetry, but as
a kind of investigation of issues - sexual/political/linguistic/philo-
sophical - every so often i try to explain myself - as in the sex/
anthrax/video piece I sent out a while ago. my interest in the literary -
in terms of my writing (not reading necessarily) is secondary - peripheral
- to the other issues. i'm not doing dynamic/interactive work - in the
past week i've finished a cdrom w/63 tracks, as well as two large video
pieces and a series of still image plus the texts - but this isn't in
evidence online - you'd have to get the cdroms or cds of course - the bit
i did in javascript years ago sits stillborn - i still use perl or what-
ever is necessary but sending out programs wouldn't mean much to most
people who don't work in a unix/linux environment. so - on one hand on
poetics, i'm seen - not as a poet but as some sort of weird phenomenon -
here i'm not seen as working in electronic poetry / new media, but as some
sort of weird phenomenon. not fitting in, i edited the american book
review issue on 'codework' - a term worked out with florian and myself as
far as i know - ken wark as well - to replace 'codepoetry' or whatever. so
that was published, covering talan (who also wrote for it), nn, myself,
mez, and others - jodi for example - now there are more people - but the
work doesn't fit in anywhere else - why doesn't anyone talk about nn's use
of language here for example which is equally original - then it's made
clear that language isn't enough - so we could bring her nato55 into the
mix or discussion. and if we're talking about talan or mez, why no dis-
cussion here about the _ideas_ in their work? who cares about influence or
style? if we stopped there, we'd be discussing scansion of sonnets. or for
that matter - the ideas in my work, etc.? the discussion seems, here, also
about tuning more and more - i've done piece _x_ - we'll discuss the
tuning - i don't do anything tunable unfortunately. where is brenda laurel
when we need her (computer as theater approach)? so the reason i'm writing
this - which isn't a rant or a fit but a sub-woofer murmur - i'm not sure
- i saw i wasn't in deena's examples - her compendium - and then someone
used the word or concept codepoetry to apply to my work and i felt, this
is missing the mark widely - so if i'm going to be in the interstices,
between the cracks in the floor (insisting there's no foundation), i'd
rather at least not be put in a literary camp - somewhere else, people
were trying to see me as a 'language poet' for example which fits even
less - elsewhere i'm a 'video artist' which makes no sense - on muckraker
i'm a musician - who knows whatever became of the dance work or early
choreography - so i'd rather be seen as unfit/fitful/not fitting-in - than
placed in uncomfortable positions - now they're interviewing mark anthony
or marc antony on television, i'd better go - alan

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Subject: [ImitaPo]  FW: blue moon review

Imitation Poetics

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Subject: blue moon review

has just published a collection of hypermedia literary work by women,
edited by Marjorie Luesebrink with design by Claire Dinsmore, including
work by Giselle Beiguelman, C. Allan Dinsmore, Adrienne Eisen, Diane
Greco, Shelley Jackson/Pamela Jackson, Stephanie Strickland/M.D.
Coverley, Deena Larsen/Geoffrey Gatza (wait, he's not a gal !!), Judy
Malloy, geniwate AND [shameless plug]

the amniotic meander by Jennifer Ley

[Props used to create the visuals in the amniotic meander will be
auctioned off starting November 15th on Ebay to benefit the American Red

blue moon review --

direct link to the amniotic meander --
Jennifer Ley

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