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concepts organized by repeated sorts

annihilation translation naming enumeration form chaos being non-being
associations bracketing demarcation information category set equality one
causation particle wave field limit something identity stasis direction
consciousness i difference creation self-awareness motion perception many
cyclation concept referent order derivation substitution truth/tautology
duration surface number origin membership/belonging space time constants
entity dispersion change operation self inherency ontology non-identity
falsehood/contradiction variables dimension inscription measure substance
fundamentals void vector virtuality negation disorder non-equality nothing
process state operator


a repeated sort in this instance is made by sort file1 > file2 - at which
point file2 is justified; then file2 > file1 - at which point file1 is
justified. this repeats - not indefinitely (although i have no proof of
this) - until stasis is achieved - i.e. file1 = file2.

the sort is alphabetic; therefore the concepts - which are similar to
kantian or aristotelian categories - are organized accordingly in
alphabetic order. this transforms the concepts - which presumably have
their own, implicit, order - into associations based on explicit happen-
stance. the result is an apparent relativization of conceptation, based on
nothing more than english (in this sense it is similar to some of the
logical paradoxes of the early 20th-century which 'resolved' in terms of
one or another language).

further, if the concepts are indeed foundational in any sense whatsoever -
then any ordering is as good as any other, since they would be intrinsic-
ally independent. the associative complexes formed by repeated sorting
would be the result of a dialectic of perception between the reader and
the text, which is more a collocation or inscriptive apparatus - a search
engine in the sense of a spider, across and throughout the real and all
its appurtenances.

finally, a certain biologism is apparent in the list - ranging from 'i'
and consciousness through 'self' and 'self-awareness'; this brings to
light a certain reduction or veering of conceptation towards an organic
reading - i.e. heuristics or methodologies for making sense of the world,
ranging from retinal processing through naming, inscription, referent, and
truth. this is also at variance with a classical condition of independence
- in this case, the variance is from within the list, intrinsic to it (the
list at this point conjuring up classical cybernetics as well), not
extrinsic - a deeper waywardness, redolent of desire, than alphabetic
ordering would create.


meta-analysis or the need for compensation, sublimation exacting an
equivalence somewhere down the line or loosely across the plane. all of
these are open moments - 'well, i'll explain myself,' 'well, i meant such
and such' - and in relation to legitimacy. see analysis^2 as a thwarted
series; the idea, that of recursion as in gnu - gnu not unix - and hack -
tends either towards the asymptotic - 'well, i don't know,' 'well, it
might have been' - or towards a foreclosure or basin - 'well, you've got
enough to go on,' 'well, you don't care anyway.' then in any case, an
apologetics of writing, writing in an n-dimensional space, writing to
oneself, extending the skein or membrane, trapping others -


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