The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 8, 2001



If the Supreme Triumph is enormous, one must penetrate the Loathsome
Screen to attain Perfection. But the Supreme Triumph is the width of six
furlongs and the height thereof; the skin is to the depth of six fathoms.
If the Tree against the Imminent Fire thereof is the thickness of the
width of the Triumph, the Body Multiplicand lies on the Divan of Pearl
beyond which Women Enter only in Service and Servitude. Of Imminent Fire
it may be said that the Weakest is of Boiling Lead and the Replenishment
of Bone and Gristle, such that the Distance between the Weakest and
Strongest is of the order of a gnat's wing. For a man, a single Turning
suffices to erase past sin; for a woman, the Imminent Fire surrounds her,
from morning unto night, especially from night unto morning. Thus within
Imminent Fire her Garments will be rent from her and she will remain in
Attack of numerous demons; within Supreme Triumph, the Sufficient Man has
in Service only those boys and women of impeccable character who delight
in his Service. Of young girls and infants we say little. Of Eunuchs we
say nought at all. Thus I should rather drink of Musk than die in Torment
and I would rather eat of the Fruits of Triumph than have my flesh torn
from me; I am glad having been born a Man; I would not have borne Woman
but to serve Him, now and Thereafter.


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