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Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 13:11:52 -0500 (EST)
From: Spoon Collective <>
Subject: SPOON-ANN: CFP: Revisiting Gender Studies in the Middle East Field

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From: Elizabeth Bishop <>

CFP: Symposium: Women or something like that?
Revisiting Gender Studies in the Middle East Field

Location: Mainz, Germany
September 9-12, 2002

 This symposium will take place during the First World Congress for
Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES). It will comprise a series
 of panels sponsored by the Institute for Gender and Women's Studies,
American University in Cairo. Organizers: Dr. Cynthia
 Nelson (IGWS), Dr. Martina Rieker (IGWS), Dr. Nadje Al-Ali (University
of Exeter, UK).

 This series of panels and roundtable discussion explore the variegated
impact of Gender Studies on the Middle East field. Over
 the last two decades much scholarly, organizational and political
energy has focused on addressing questions of gender at all
 levels. These panels critically examine both areas in which gendered
approaches have animated the Middle East field, and
 political and academic spaces which continue to isolate such
approaches. In addition to assessing the state of the field from
 scholarly and organizational perspectives, these panels furthermore
seek to raise questions and map out productive strategies
 for gender studies in a region that remains marked by conflict and
displacement. Discussions will tackle questions regarding the
 functions and future directions of Gender Studies - in terms of both
institution building and new research agendas - in the current
 political situation.

 Panel 1: Rethinking the Middle East Field: The Problematic Integration
of Gender Studies

 Panel 2: Locating the Grassroots: Gender and Authenticity in Middle
Eastern Politics Panel

 3: Gender and Transnationalism Panel

 4: Gender and Conflict

 Roundtable Discussion

 Registration modalities: Abstracts (300 - 400 words) must be sent to
IGWS (e-mail: and to WOCMES
 Secretariat not later than 15 December 2001. For further information
see WOCMES-website at Please use the
 online registration form.

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