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move us

war can move you. war can touch you there. war has sentimental caring. war
is a male. war is a pseudonym. war is a ghost. war is a fable. war is
bound to inscribe. war is unbearable. war is fictitious. war is lying next
to me. war is my lover. war is quiet and erect. war is real. war is your
surplus. war loans peace to you. war will look at your pain. anyone can
disturb war. anyone can disturb peace. anyone can write war. anyone can
write peace. peace can move you. peace can touch you there. peace has
infinite compassion. peace is a female. peace is a pseudonym. peace is a
ghost. peace is a fable. peace is bound to inscribe. peace is lying next
to me. peace is my lover. peace is quiet and withdrawn. peace is real.
peace is lastborn. peace is your surplus. peace loans war to you. peace
will look at your pain. violence has gentle love. violence is firstborn.
violence is your surplus. violence will look at your pain. death has kind
intentions. death is a ghost. death is fictitious. death is perfection.
loving is a blessing. loving is always loving. loving is bound to
inscribe. loving is fictitious. loving is quiet and withdrawn. they
continue beneath you. they continue beyond you. they continue upon you.
they continue within you. this is loving's surplus. travis is fictitious.
you are war's surplus. you are peace's surplus. you are violence's
surplus. you can be aroused. you can bomb them. you can live in war. you
can live in peace. you can live in violence. you can live on war. you can
live on peace. you can die anywhere. you can die there. you can dream of
war and peace. you can dream of war. you can dream of peace and war. you
can dream of peace. you can forget them all. you can inscribe war. you can
inscribe peace. you can inscribe death. you can smell war. you can smell
peace. you can smell loving. you can smell them all. you can strangle
them. you can touch yourself. you can write war's pain. you can write
war's wounds. you can write peace's pain. you can write peace's wounds.
you can write violence's wounds. you can write kill war. you can write
kill peace. you can write kill them all. you may borrow war. you may
borrow peace. you may borrow fictitious violence. you may borrow death.
you may borrow loving. you may write across war. you may write across
peace. you may write into war. you may write into peace. you will move
war. you will move peace. you will move loving.


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