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no-thing samadhi

you don't see the universe in a grain of sand; you see a grain of sand in
the universe. you may name the grain queen or king, prince or princess,
president or premier; you may give it a proper name, akiko, jonathan; you
accomplish nothing. you see a rug with its weaving and name a particular
loop friend or foe; you understand nothing. names are delusion; they close
around particulars; they define particulars. they close around the world
and structure it; the assume totality in the wildflower, totality in the
grain of sand. they assume the world is all that is the case; there is no
case, no world.

you don't see any-thing. you see the symbolic; you see function. the world
is defined as the sum of its parts. a part is part of the whole. the whole
may be greater than the sum of its parts. the parts can be summed. the
parts can be substituted, rearranged, created, annihilated, transformed.
the whole can be substituted, rearranged, created, annihilated, trans-
formed. the play of symbols is the play of abstract mathesis, the play of
abstract ontology. it is the play of no-thing. it is exact, and exactitude
may be at the service of inexactitude. within the chaotic domain, things
are determined; within the stochastic domain, envelopes are relatively or
roughly determined.

there is no universe in a grain of sand. there is no world in a wild-
flower. there is no grain of sand, no wild-flower. you see everything in a
universe that reflects structure in everything. structure coalesces, coag-
ulates - fields, intensifications, energies, fundamental forces. in the
grain of sand, structure devolves. on the way down, structure devolves.
your body is devolution; your body is coagulation, intensity; your mind,
your antibodies, the raising of your arms, ward off boundary dissolution.
appearance nearly decomposes; the boundaries are of a making. the boundar-
ies are of a dissolution. there is no cessation; there is transformation;
there is asymptotic devolvement. the constriction-coagulation, the cont-
ract of names, is always already forgotten. there is no-thing to forget.
there is no-thing to remember; the universe is neither imaginary nor real.


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