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i'm getting overwhelmed by email and too much to do; there's always
several hundred waiting in my inbox; there aren't any viruses anywhere; on
the lists i try and reply to every badtrans _x@y email; taking off the _;
letting people know their machines are infected :: there's another kind of
infection here; it's my fault; in spite of the process i'm working on it
:: <i'm guilty of this> :: <i realize i haven't been> :: ...:i'm guilty of
this; honestly in spite of this piece, adjacent or contiguous, in spite of
the rearrangement, i'm sorry :: this isn't the way to participate in a
list or co-moderate or begin or end collaborations :: inside of me it
feels like a war's on :: <i'm guilty of this> :: <i realize i haven't
been> :::i realize i haven't been nice lately; i should apologize for this
- i've been jumping all over things - i've also been sick & exhausted but
that's tired news, whatever and no excuse - i jump far too fast for that
matter, taking offense where none is intended, screwing up, writing too
long too many posts in argumentative position that should have been better
thought out, psychologically or otherwise :: <i realize i haven't been>
::::badtrans d


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