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Take of the Continuity Girl

The continuity girl wears a big baggy sweater and carries a clipboard and
Polaroid camera. She walks among the naked actors and actress and takes
notes, whose hand is where, which face is turned towards - and which away
from - the camera. this is amazing. whose finger has a torn nail - whose
breasts already damp - the degree of nipple erection (easy here) - all of
this is carefully noted by the continuity girl. There is sweat running
from a shoulder. The terrorist has his knife to a neck from the left - no,
from the right - side; "R" appears almost by command on the continuity
chart. Is this the numbered scene, the only scene - the continuity girl
knows, takes everything into account. She writes "Alan is gagged tightly,
he is having trouble breathing. If he suffocates, this will be the only
take." She writes "n/g" as the gag is loosened. Azure has been shaved,
head to toe; Azure is constantly shuddering. The continuity girl writes
"Azure moves - lock structure in edit - there is no room for error - there
is nothing but error." The continuity girl notes the bruises and bites on
four, on five, breasts. She notes, "Day 3." She notes, "This is the second
day." It is the goal of the continuity girl to make sure the world is
whole, to make sure it remains contained, coherent, logical beneath the
chaos the rest of us take for granted.


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