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The Continuity Girl

The continuity girl asserts the fundamental forces of the world. She
writes 5; then 5/under erasure; she writes 4; she exhausts the series. She
adds the cosmological constant, planck's constant; she erases them; she
includes them; she erases them. The slate is a mess. The slate is
unreadable. The slate mimics the world. The slate becomes the world. She
continues to write. She is wearing a baggy sweater and carrying a Polaroid
camera. She carries a great number of accessories: tripod, telephoto,
wide-angle, scanning-transmission electron microscope, interferometer,
neutron telescope. There are a continuous number of scenes; she numbers
them according to the continuum. It is not so difficult to describe the
actors; they are also continuous, and the transformation of props and
objects occurs according to aristotelian logic and fluid morphology. Only
certain quantum leaps give her trouble, but these radical discontinuities
also permit discontinuities within or across scenes, and need not be
annotated. For the rest, everything appears relatively differentiable.
The slate is a mess. The slate is a continuous mess.


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