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December 25, 2001



this is completely abstract. :this is entirely based on theoretical
structure.:this is the phenomenological horizon of the occidental subject
and accidental tourist.:x''':x''
demon in absentia.

this horizon is non-existent.:this refuses meaning.:x x' x'' x'''
prostitute in absentia.

this inherency possesses its own contradictions unrelieved in
meta-analytics.:this tends towards the magazine of structural anomalies.:y
y' y'' y''' y''''::black powder
prostitute in absentia.


If you've ordered a cdrom and it hasn't arrived, please give it a bit of
time - it's the holiday season. We've been sending things out pretty
directly - thanks, Alan

CDROM Offering: Alan Sondheim : Collected and Newly-Released Work:

Help Azure and Alan leave Florida and purchase fantastic cdrom work in
the process!

We're returning to New York or heading to parts unknown! I want to distri-
bute our work, raise some money, make more work! I've been busy - several
series of new videos, images, texts, soundworks -

All of the following include video/text/sound (except Asteroids - only
video - and Turn/Cray - only sound); Archive 4.1 has the entire Internet
Text to date - over 4500 pages!

There are 7 cdroms for sale; price includes shipping costs. Any ONE cd-rom
for $ 15; TWO for $ 25; THREE for $ 31. FOUR for $37, $5 each for any over
FOUR. Special $53 for all eight!

What's Available:

Archive 4.1: This includes all the texts from 1994- present, a number of
older articles, several books, a great number of images, some short video,
etc. Archive is continuously updated. There is also sound-work and some
programming. I think of this as the "basic" cd-rom; if you have an earlier
copy, you might want to update.

Et: This is the most recent cd-rom, with almost all of the video/sound/
imagework that has been described on the lists - plus more. r- if not x-
rated. Much of this deals with the relation between sexuality and terror,
as well as fascinated/fetishization - with Azure Carter. Some of the most
intense pieces we've done.

Voyage: Finished before Et, a number of video and image works, as well as
sound/music pieces - with Azure Carter. Languor and exhibitionism on the
way out of New York.

Turn/Cray: Continuous/stringent machine soundwork, 56 minute .wav file.

Miami: Finished before moving to Florida, a number of sound, image, and
video pieces. Despair, existentialism, sex, power-land. With Azure Carter.

Parables: Dance, Foofwa d'Imobilite, texts and sound by Alan Sondheim,
Azure Carter, a series of short videos (plus text) taken from The Parables
of Nikuko. Between conceptual dance and body work / mesmeric movement.

Baal: Foofwa d'Imobilite, Azure Carter, Alan Sondheim, several videos of
sexuality, the problematic of ballet, and signs. r- or x- rated.

Asteroids: A number of short silent videoworks - camera moving through 3d
"asteroids" - no sound.

Special: All 8: $53. Please note there is some overlap (not much) among
the disks.


Please send cash, money order, or check to:

Alan Sondheim
4600 SW 67 Avenue, Apartment 252
Miami, Florida, 33155


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