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Birth and Tomb

Searched the web for "Alan Sondheim".   Results 1 - 10 of about 4,160.
Search took 0.10 seconds.
See I take my measurement.
I exclude "Alan Myouka Sondheim". I exclude "Alan Jennifer Sondheim".
I exclude "Alan Jenn Sondheim". I take my temperature.
I take the temperature of my obsession. I, I, I.
For several days I have ranged above 4,000: 4,140 - 4,200.
I enter the portal trembling. I enter the gateway.
I enter the hated name. I enter it all within quotations:
Let there be no doubt. "Alan Sondheim".
This grabs site and citation. This grabs text and image.
This is an archaeology of the real, the true, the fabricated.
This is an archaeology of taint, of plagiarism, of the problematic.
It spreads like a skein or membrane, like a stain.
It spreads like a spider, an uncomfortable residue.
I take my temperature. It holds at 4,160.
I indulge my addiction. I indulge my obsessive-compulsive behavior.
Trembling, I enter the portal:
Searched the web for "Alan Sondheim".   Results 1 - 10 of about 4,170.
Search took 0.10 seconds.
A gain of 10. Trembling, I leave it...


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