The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 27, 2001


day after day

we go day after day now. the rest of the world is terror. this is no
terror, not even the culling, the shattering of the thin shells of the
crust. this is a moment to think about intelligence, the intelligence of
the world, breaking out of the loop. this is the breaking out.  .  :this
is the way the aging brain works. neurons skein, tangle, interlace, inter-
weave. some die off. there are submerged strata absorbed by the other. the
other is transformed into others. wisdom is the networks among the others.
wisdom is the limestone, the submergence. wisdom is the marl gathered
beneath the peat. there are large saw palmettos at chikeka. the brain is
gathered among the confluence of life. the brain is self-reflecting,
resonant, subsumption architecture. wisdom is the making-manifest of the
network. wisdom is the culling of extraneity.:at chikeka, two men were
fishing. we went through the hardwood hammock. a little girl took some
mosquito-fish for her aquarium. watched the sawgrass. watched several
killdeer. a turkey vulture landed in front of the car, flew around to the
back. strangler figs everywhere. before that, oasis, back to the ibis
rookery. there were heron mixed in. walked through the mudflats to the
left of the runway. before that, back at shark valley. there were too many
cars. back at chikeka a possum eating alligator eggs. on the way out the
limestone showed. there were snake and crabholes everywhere. a huge flock
of ibis, enormous, in big cypress. :anhinga:glossy ibis shrike tricolored
heron green heron glossy ibis white ibis cormorant anhinga


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