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conjugations of programming aesthetics

broken symmetries such that there are returns to the hook or diacritical
mark that might tend towards an increase or decrease of index, leading in
the direction of recursivity

indirect addressing to sufficient depth that the resulting tangled skein
folds in the form of a protein potentially addressable by external
routines grappling with available sites

objects which break or collapse in overflow, resulting in availability of
internal variables which suddenly behave on an almost organic-molecular

intense multi-leveled coding on a micro-level with a limited character set
leading to redundancy and the possibility of subroutine escape routes
creating unforeseen texts of disturbance and potential anxiety

massive transitivities resulting in subtextual currents of discarded and
subaltern symbols guaranteeing the upwelling of rails or scaffoldings with
their own semi-autonomous organization and symmetries

texts appearing as if from nowhere in relation to the centripetal forces
of remaining gotos and other endif closures, leading towards counter-
centrifugal movements of symbolic emanations and spews

renderings and rerenderings of programming commentaries as textual inter-
ferences speaking to anyone who takes the privilege of dissection upon

collapse and spreading of subroutines across the programming sememe,
interpenetrating one another, blurring meta-levels, programming inputs and
outputs, filling the pipes in the development of a skein with its own
inscriptive potentials

programmings manipulating and collapsing sequencing, breaking the cycles,
finding new and problematic entrance-points, altering variables and
constants, tending towards the production of defensive and messy ur-texts
masquerading as proper residue or product

programmings presenting perfect symmetries to the environment, no perceiv-
able input or output, foreclosed with the presumption of rich inner lives,
and programmings constructing fortification-modules within them, sharing
culture and weaponry, their own symptom certain cycles of parallel-proces-
sing or other cpu time

programs inscribed in the inert substances of the world, unworkable,
coded, untranslated, uncompiled, permanently uninterpreted

programs of the beholder's aesthetics or symmetries or fuzzy or stochastic
programming breaking down distinctions of internal and external, virtual
and virtual-real worlds and worldings


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