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. but it's all there^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ but of which this 1?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
don't hit me when i'm down^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ don't kill me with.
kindness^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ don't massacre my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ don't
take. my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ goodbye, body^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hello,.
mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hello, mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ how so.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i. don't have much^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i see my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i'm
almost. dead^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i'm almost gone^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i'm pushed to
the. limit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if to the base 1 then + 2 already is.
nonsense.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if you take my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it's on the.
road^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it's walking off^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ my mind's all i've.
got^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of the calculation or accumulation.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the. image is blank.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ then of the plus? asks the
continuity. girl.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you take everything^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
but it's all there.
but of which this 1?.
don't hit me when i'm down.
don't kill me with kindness.
don't massacre my mind.
don't take my mind.
goodbye, body.
hello, mind.
hello, mind.
how so..
i don't have much.
i see my mind.
i'm almost dead.
i'm almost gone.
i'm pushed to the limit.
if you take my mind.
it's on the road.
it's walking off.
my mind's all i've got.
of deadly calculus..
push it to the limit..
the image is blank..
push it to the image.
the limit is blank.


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