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January 5, 2002



Azure and I bought wedding rings today. I'm still reading Lacan's Feminine
Sexuality again, Bachelard's The Poetics of Space, Dirac's The Principles
of Quantum Mechanics. I found an anthology of Erasmus' works; I'm continu-
ing with Rabelais but the old Modern Library translation incorporates
notes from the French edition into the text which creates vortices unknown
in the original. O'Reilly sent me a copy of Dreamweaver in a Nutshell for
Dw4, which I highly recommend. I also received Albert Ayler's Spiritual
Unity and Bells on cds (I was with the original company) as well as Orn-
ette Coleman's Town Hall, 1962. The Ayler are my favorite jazz recordings
of all time. Traded some books in and found Essays on Sino-Korean Music-
ology: Early Sources for Korean Ritual Music by Robert Provine. I wonder
how much aak and gagaku are related. Also traded for Peter Hay, Broadway
Anecdotes; I know nothing about Broadway and am frightened of musicals.
Tomorrow we're seeing Kevin Magee and I'm bringing him copies of Archive
4.2, Et2, and a pamphlet on the Miccosukee language. I heard from the FIU
teacher's union today; they talked about publicizing the termination,
since my situation establishes a bad practice for faculty hiring. They
seemed also confused about my one-year tenure-track first-year contract,
but I haven't spoken to them directly; I heard in email. Yesterday Azure
and I trekked the 14 miles to the Shark Valley overlook and back. We're
going out with Gerald Jones on Sunday, but only half a mile or so; I want
to use a 35mm camera and telephoto for closeups of birds; reptiles and
fish I can approach, but not woodstorks which are fabulous and fabled. I
haven't started Solzhenitsyn's August 1914 which I bought a few days ago
(all my books except for the Dreamweaver are 2nd hand); I can't remember
whether I read it when it first came out. I'm still trying to think the
relationship between the mailart network (I have an old issue of Art
Papers devoted to it, and I've corresponded years ago with Ray Johnson and
James Lee Byars and Jon Held was my landlord in Dallas, his stamp-making
machinery next door) and the Internet and I'm also trying to think why
this sort of recuperation (which also involves the NE Thing company)
matters. I wonder if the discussion of the _lu_ in the Sino-Korean book
might help me think through issues of fundamental ontology - the deep
structure of sound in relation for that matter to raga/rasa - but then
even with this I return and worry about unemployment, returning to New
York instability once again. I take pride in my students at FIU, and I
think they in me, but then that doesn't guarantee work in a period of
football and budget cuts. The union representative wants publicity to
prevent further cases, not to further my own. I need a copy of Dream-
weaver4; I only have 3, and 4 sounds terrific; I could finally clean up my
ratty homepage which doesn't run some of the scripts on the newest brow-
sers. Yesterday I revised my Archive 4.1 cdrom - now Archive 4.2, cleaning
out some of the older graphics, adding new ones. Kevin will get the first
copy; he's been in Siberia. I'll have another sleepless night first,
worrying about health and jobs, and we're having a cold spell. The car
works after we replaced the battery. Something will get us there.


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