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screen memories of _being carried_ on a - I have had my faults, too many
of them Or thereabouts - remembering crying in the car with mot All
through childhood I had to take weekly Saturday all I was given a small
film projector with a crank on the I really don't have a date but wonder
about my early lo I remember a wonderful British tricycle with large whee
It was around this year that we moved from Reynolds Str Around this time,
I had an operation to have my ears pi I heard of Elvis. I loved the word
"fuck." Someone show I watched someone masturbate at camp; I was thrilled.
E Later this year (or was it this year?), I masturbated c - I cried myself
to sleep, etc. I had a small box on t - I joined the American Forestry
Association (or someth J U and I were walking late at night and he thre I
was probably a Junior at the Blue and White dances at I'd fall asleep
dreaming of P T or earlier Ma - A W was my first real girlfriend; we tri /
Barely made it to the senior prom with C K I just about flunked my first
semester at Brown, collap : I remember reaching for A's breast; I was sick
and at I volunteered for secret army tests as well - checking I went to
Israel for a summer, living largely in Jerusa It was around this period
that I had my only "attested"  It's this summer I first go to Israel and
almost have a The depressions continue for the rest of my life These
dates, these beginnings are obscure to me, and al - Sleeping and waking:
insomnia goads me my entire l I almost flunked out of school. My life was
a disaster. - My second year at Brown was miserable. I hated my I watched
the side of the factory open up in the middle It was this year that I got
beat up on the campus by tw On a trip through the Negev, I saw, from a
distance, an Was it during this year, when I was in Israel, that my We
managed to get shot at from an absurdly safe distanc was still, closed up
once again. I asked my roommate wh - Went to Israel for a year, living
mainly in Jerusa Went to Europe for the summer; met J Z who becam It's
around now I'm in Europe. I met you (I forget your ' P G ran into the
studio screaming - Put out three records with a group, two with ESP, - Did
I speak of the Great Fear of country and anarc I bought a red IBM
Selectric, my first real electric ty I had An,ode published by the Ws'
Burning Deck Pr / I lived for a summer in Minneapolis with J I think J and
I were married; it was a traditional w V and I in our dismally-cathected
relationship, talk At the Paris Biennale I put up "The World's Smallest Sc
- I went to Europe with B; we lived for a month i : Around this time, I
remember living off and on with R I lectured all over the place, UCSD, Cal
Arts, RISD (wi Logic of consciousness worked out, The Book as System o R
warned me about V, that he wasn't as good a Around this period, L
accompanied me at a poetry r R M and I split vowing to remain friends. It
- I work on the Structure of Reality, a text compose - E and I in New York
and Hartford, marry Around this date I thought that if aliens came from
ano I taught for a year in Hartford, at the Hartford Colleg J was born; I
was totally amazed. Everyone's start Secretly, I think I know everything;
I don't know anyth / E and I split, my fault through everything T fucking
me, the first and only totally re The Whitney shows the tape K and I made;
ther - Relating to J; I never see her enough; as she Remembering L, who
became an erotic image / i - I taught for a year at the University of
Californi I get involved with women who are as crazy as I am; no I saw V
for one of the last times, and stopped speak The year where my writing
began to coalesce; I was a - I taught at UCLA for two years, in the art
and art A and I left for Queenstown in the eastern center I left for three
and a half years - to teach in Tasmani I went to Tasmania where I met A
and return In Queenstown we end up at the home of a Belgian hairdr I take
over the curatorial position at Nexus Contempora - After teaching for a
semester at Ontario College of At Nexus, we began the Atlanta Biennale;
the first exhi - Later Paul Celan's poetry would take off from where T - I
left Nexus, A left me, I went to University I first met D at a
punk/industrial music night; he : And I had never been treated so badly as
I was with N I also met N while at Hallwalls; this was th I became
Artistic Director at Hallways Contemporary Art I took up the Artistic
Directorship of Hallwalls Contem At the end of the year, M and I left
Atlanta for M and I are driving through western North Caroli - During the
years with M I had the feeling we Or so, found out the ESP records had
been reissued as C M walked out after my severe depressions; she to
Finally started on the Internet with an IBM XT. My firs My first
cyber-relationship experience with a grad stud At the end of November,
attended the Cybermind confer I meet A in Sydney after the Perth
conference. Sh I think A and I worked through some of our differ Worked
through M G in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on thought of this program as a way to
begin to create an , After the book launch party, N took pho Back in
Sydney again for a second round, dealing with a But when R apologized, it
was too late, and our fr I lived at -- Chiyo, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi , Jap
I return over and over again to this, in an attempt to I think I'm so
smart.  January - worked with C\CEN in Sydney for economic d Late, I
think, my brother M comes over and joins L L and I make a tour down the
coast of Oregon; she h ' November went to Fukuoka to join L ,
Stromatolites, cyanobacteria, tendrils.  Today I received a carton of my
older work from T B Wrote the first version of The Case of the Real in
Fuku z, I use you "z" for coda, denouement. This is the jarg za, They're
partial or transitional accounts. They come April left Fukuoka to return
jobless to New York August to beginning of September, L comes : Finally
around November, divorce comes through with A K and C die Late April trip
to Kyoto with L; Feb -March in % Met A in Huntington Beach - we b November
-, tour of Southern California then in Dec.  Potes and Poets brought out
The Case of the Real, which Appointed virtual writer-in-residence,
Nottingham Trent C dies near the beginning of the year, found a March , ;
Mother dies early morning; A and I wer began teaching with difficulty at
Florida Interna married A on June th; July th, had a rec move to Miami,
mid August; the cat flew down later.


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