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Lookit Smiles

in good staid, in the glade azure and i with stubbles, she's mouthing
bubbles, her cunt's a brilliant light against the ferns, my face burns
with rubbles and anticipation, drools, i'm pissing in the saw palmetto,
my bellies huge, like rouge her labia, i'm all wet drowning in her stream,
that part's a dream, her tunnel's lit, did i say at night the flashlight
shows us path and swath, my cock's cut on spanish bayonet, i fuck a pine,
she's mine, she says i'm your hole, use me, her skirt's hiked up, she's
all smiles for miles, my thick lips drool on my tool, we're rattling in
dark dank muck, we fuck :4:2 i hold her asshole open next to saw grass cut
to hold the dew in two, we're like glue, stuck in fuck, the cameras
chatter, our holes spatter the last drop or plop into each other's eyes,
shit's no surprise, we wallow in the hollow, old julu-program lie me like
your maid, don't let me fade, azure's been made and made again, i'm her
maid-man and then :blown bellies out, her crack's blurred against the stem
or trunk, a hunk, you might miss her ass, she looks a lass, shaved, i'm
perfectly behaved, my balls are thick and musk, my cock a tusk, my laugh
is long and hard, she's my bard, she's tearing at my skin, she wants me
in, the glade's wet with piss and semen, it smells like perfect water,
azure looks a daughter, i'm her rutted father covered with her lather,
just wet hair everywhere and bare there


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