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gone with the previous

alan and azure spend themselves, exhaust themselves. they turn
themselves into debris, into excretion, detritus. you will know
them naked, know their lesions, their gonorrheas, syphilis, their
hiv, their herpes, their disjunctions. you will know their torn
bodies, bodies on the brink of war. you will know alan's flaccid
cock, his aging body, azure's young tumescent body, their
bruised breasts and necks. when you see them you will see
through them. they will confuse this with politics, with exile,
with refugee. you will know alan's heavy belly, azure's small
labia, alan's asshole aureole, azure's small tight hole. you will
know shoulders that bear the brunt of worlds, minds discarding
clothes, their pathetic truths, the groping in their eyes. you will
grope them in confusion. you will fall for them. they are just
like this, lesions you will fall for. they are ruined. they ruined
each other. you can have them for all they care.


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