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January 13, 2002



"Ins All zuruek die kuerzeste Bahn" - Stimme des Volkes - Hoelderlin
"back into the All by the shortest way" - translation Hamburger -

of alligators, female-female, male|male, collocation of {young}. later
that afternoon, an enormous whoosh heard for several minutes, white ibis
overhead. of the beating of wings: of the All.:at night i dream of
strangler-figs, i will be surrounded, i will be theirs, i will, through
the loss of the male deep-sea angler, i will inject them with my semen, i
am epiphytic, of the crayfish i will say perhaps two species, of the
bladderwort, three. it was the palest of long-legged orb-weavers, inert
shape of plant-stem; of the sawgrass, surrounding, cutting through the
eyes; each half of other, of look-looking of the other :muck translation
from sawgrass to epiphytes, air-plants. cypress knees: 1. of aeration. 2.
second theory: of root stabilization. 3. third theory: of propagation.
::ature cata ::slough slog :every mess contracts to clear space: Ins All
:mess=mass :"Wurzel Alles Uebels
"Einig zu seyn, ist gottlich und gut; woher ist die Sucht denn
  Unter den Menschen, dass nur Einer und Eines nur sei?"

[Analysis: within a hyper-complex ecosystem of intersecting biomes, "muck"
or "swamp" or "mire" translates into "mess" or "mass" as if substance
lacked striation, or as if the striation were random, indecipherable. on a
micro-level, however, interpretation is clear; from this, the level of
periphyton or still lower (organic molecular transformations), the mess
dissembles, devolves, deconstructs, into interrelationships - these are
readable as if nearly decomposed from the lower strata. does Hoelderlin
ever leave the All? the dank chained unity of Greece and Germany in his
texts overlooks the depth of difference. my greatest fear, recognized by
Hoelderlin himself, is of this all; the translation of the epigram is
poorly rendered by Hamburger, as if it had to be grounded in utterable
prose, resolving muck. slough slog - Everglades off-trail walk through
resolving muck.]


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