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January 15, 2002


<x> 2002

I know 2001 never existed. 2001 < > 2002, massed, compressed, messed up.
ordering the apocalypse by George Bush moss-brain. what to do with
enemies: strangle the innocent. 1971 72 73 march and fearful protest;
now we swallow black arm-bands and business as usual carries amassed
missiles. on the mossy sward there are assassins. they know their guns.
"We take out the top brass," she says. "We're about to save you." it is
1974, at Mosset's, and we're grateful.:it is 1973. it is 1974. we are at
Mosset's. he's running out the dark, brown leather jacket. if the police
come don't tell them where I am. he down the stairs down the road. it is
1988. i am staring at the massif. unmossed broken stone. of the missile
complex which underlies the Claremont colleges and proof. how do I know
this. of the atomic cannon in the Jerusalem student complex. and this. we
are hearing a new singer. his name is Son House, messed up, amused. it is
2002. I know missiles will kill us. :missile muscle, massif. massive
Olivier Mosset, mused, messed, mussed. of the missive to Mosset: the
police are looking. the police are looking for you................:or


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