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January 20, 2002

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>Ban on Gay Marriages Bill Now in Congress
> >>>
> >>> There is a Constitutional Amendment being proposed
> >>> that will ultimately ban homosexual marriages/civil
> >>> unions and possibly domestic partner benefits in the
> >>> future. It is being pushed through Congress quickly so
> >>> as to make as little noise as possible.
> >>>
> >>> There's so much else in the news right now, that the
> >>> amendment is not being noticed. This petition is being
> >>> organized by a second party -- it's NOT an "add your
> >>> name to the bottom and forward" kind of thing.
> >>> Go to the site itself in order to sign the petition.
> >>> Please pass this along to your friends and family, and
> >>> to our straight allies. By doing so, we can convey
> >>> the  message that the Constitution is about human rights,  not just
> >>> "religious rights".
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> <A HREF="">
> >>


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bass museum new media panel 1/21/02: i do

{large on window 1:}

the LOST project created for the trAce online writing group:: people wrote
about things they lost and never found again:: the descriptions were put
up online in a list:: the writers' names were also put up, separated from
their descriptions::

in order to enter the description, you had to write through what appeared
to be a Web-page on the verge of collapse...

{window 2: the lost project at}

{window 3: Life .mov: text-quicktime of year-by-year bio truncated at 74

{large on window 4:}

my work's concerned with language, sexuality, the virtual body and
subjectivity - all of these elements interacting online and off -

i'm concerned with what happens beneath the surface, the coding, the
psychoanalytics, the substances

i'm concerned, i'm very concerned

{window 5: Seals .mov: azure and i writing/rewriting each other's bodies}

{in window 4 i write:}

Seals the signs are early Chinese ideograms for breathing, circulating,
soul, the sign just above the genitals is negation, still in use today:
working through a form of deconstruction

{in window 1 i continue to write:}

people lose their identities here. the screen jiggles as if broken. their
names are separated from the descriptions of their lost belongings

{in window 4 i continue to write:}

i work with broken things, code as if it wouldn't work, bodies as if
they're falling apart, text that has bones in it coming to the surface

{texts in window 1 and window 4 mix}

{i close all windows except for window 5}

{i enlarge window 5: blurred image of azure and i turning our bodies
together: the signs are rubbing off, rubbing off}

{i close window 5}



enormous organisms, ephemeral, copper-wire, fiber-optic, satellites:
antennas all
the organisms are invisible but they respond to the coherency of network
they sense intelligence running through the wires, they are themselves
intelligent, they are among us
what to do, they think, what to do, what to do
they bumble, banging into packets and datagrams, they don't understand
digital protocols and programs
it's as if they're amputated, as if they're blinded, in the middle of
human artifacts, human designs
they're sentient, they can't read the codes, they have so much to tell us,
they're silenced by zeros and ones
they don't understand the vast landscape of binaries, they have no feeling
for addresses, they murmur softly to one another
their understanding is beyond our comprehension, their knowledge
unsurpassed, our coding is our own, their coding is their own
the wires are humming, as if carrying sensibility multiplexing beyond our
wildest imaginations
organisms of such intelligent, bridge the great divide, please, we beg
you, come to us come to us


error of course, 'intelligence' near end not 'intelligent'

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