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Bodee, Sonnet of Eschatology

Do Come In and Look Around! Hey! See the Body.
You see Bedei, #1, Girl, Boy, Bodi, Bodi, i#1, iBuda, iBodei, iBedei,
iBudi, iBedee radio here.
iBedee radio: This is the same as Mountain Time. You are listening
Mountain Time.
iBudi radio: This is Eastern Time. This is the last radio. You are
listening to the last radio.
The last radio: Hello. Now we will play you a tune. Once there was a
mountain. Now there is no mountain. Will you go away. Will you go away.
You see #1. You see i#1. {i#1}^2=#1. This is a sonnet of apocalypse.
This is your imaginary. State the Galois group of the imaginary.
The Body rising up, the Body rising up. This is Western time. This is
the last Western. You are listening to the last Western.
Now will will play you the Silver Bullet Overture. Do come in and end.


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