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Penelope, shifted

Alan is jumping up and down with excitement!
Women approve heartily and men drink more beer as Alan sings "Begin the
You fall down laughing.
You cry.
You say, "It's amazing, I just got a new car!"
You say, "Begin the Beguine and it's really all mine and there's
 nothing more so show me the door"
You say, "There were two rabbis, isn't that funny enough?"
You say, "Death is all around us, beware beware of death"
You open your arms wide, begging the populace to embrace you.
You pull your arms around your body.
You say, "Please help me, I am amazingly beautiful..."
You say, "Thank you all my loves, you have me me love myself..."
You pucker your lips expectantly.
You kiss yourself.
You say, "Oh beauty, I am waiting for you to come to me!"
You say, "I will begin with my own body, oh Penelope! and end with


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