The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive



Film: 25 hours of super 8mm (sound and silent), 8mm, 16mm (sound and
 silent), currently at Filmmakers Coop in New York
 Video: 100 hours EIAJ b&w/color, 1/2", unusable, one tape revived;
  100 hours 3/4"/hi8/8; 3 hours dv/cdrom, the latter available on cdrom
  Books: 2 books of experimental work; 3 chapbooks; 1 limited edition;
   two anthologies
   Magazine anthologies: 4 edited special issues of magazines
   Published articles: 140 published articles, critical and literary
   Online: 3900 current online listings (approximate) in
   Webpages: 3 public webpages, 2 private directories
   Recordings: 3 released lps; 2 remastered cds; 3 released audiotapes;
    1 released cdrom
    Performances: numerous music/literary/dance performances
    Dance: 10 choreographed dances; 20 dance/video/sound collaborations
    Online texts: 4500 pages (approximate) on Webpage sites
    Digital images: 1000 (approximate) available on cdroms
    Interviews and articles about: 30 (approximate) on and offline
    Installations: 20 (approximate)
    Artists books: 30 (approximate)
    Art-oriented corporation: 1
    Theatrical performance: 2 collaborations
    Sculptural objects: 30 (approximate)
    Monoprints: 100 (approximate)
    Hand-set type magazine: 1 (limited edition)
    Radio: 30 shows (approximate)
    Computer programs: 50 (approximate)
    Audio synthesizer: 1 (collaboration)
    Curator: 20 exhibitions (approximate)
    Broadsides: 5 (approximate)
    Photographic: 400 images (approximate)
    Retrospective: 1
    Audiowork: 15 hours (approximate), cassette and reel-to-reel


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