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Tools -

1. File = zz
2. Editors:
 pico: general usage - limited, fast
 vi: auto-indenting and other controls - "open field" format
 emacs: for doctor/dor manipulation, "block" editing, etc.
3. Major text-manipulation programs:
 sed: sophisticated substitution, etc.
 grep: pulling lines/strings from a file, etc.
 awk: sophisticated field-by-field editing, filtering
 tr: transpose/replace
4. Formatting:
 cut: removing sections of a text based on character position
 cp: copy
 cat: output text; concatenate texts
 mv: move/rename
 fold: "folding" a text based on character position
 nl: line numbering
 sort: sorting
 split: splitting a file into files
 od: conversion to octal or hex etc.
5. My Programs:
 autobio: sorting lines alphabetically
 julu: writing program continually modified
 memo: simple memo program
 syn: listing syn re: syn attacks
6. Networking commands:
 traceroute ping dig nslookup w whois whoami
7. /usr/games programs:
 adventure number hangman pig banner figlet ppt caesar bcd factor
 primes quiz morse
8. Other:
 mail and mm programs
 telnet <address> <port>
 tiny-fugue client for MOOs and MUDs
 MOO programming
 talker configuring
 lpMUD configuring
Windows or Mac
1. Text:
 edit (DOS); other DOS editing programs; Winvi; Winperl
2. Visual:
 Image: Photoshop; Gimp; Display; Alchemy; Mathematica; Qbasic programs
 Video: Premier; Final Cut Pro; Mathematica; Blender; Movieshaker
3. Audio:
 Audiomulch; Soundforge; Mathematica
4. HTML:
 Netscape Composer; Dreamweaver; hard-coded
Older Stuff
1. UCSD Pascal programs on Terak mini-computer 1977-8 (text, graphic,
2. Basic programs on Tandy computer 1983-5 (graphic, animation)
3. TI 59 calculator programs 1976--80 (text, graphic)


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