The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


42nd year of continuous war!
I'm not responsible!
It's not my fault!
Lesions, contusions!
Multiple headwounds!
Rip the tongue! Pop the eyes!
Slingshots of doom!
Some guns and some dead people!
arrows, curare, a combination feared by bureaucrats world-wide!
broken bones and overturned gravestones - who would have thought!
don't massacre my mind!
every day is killing day around here!
goodbye, body!
hello, mind!
i don't know who put the anthrax in the mailroom!
i'm almost dead!
if you take my mind!
it's on the road!
mango-skin delight and hospitalizations!
pits with stakes lightly-covered with headless bodies!
poison waterfalls in the county courtyard? not me!
someone else must have set fire to the library!
the continuity girl writes "1 + 2 = the grave"!
42nd year of continuous war!


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