The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


15   nikuko-leg----------------{leglegleg}

ms ms m|eeteeteet|s ts ts t|he he he |leglegleg|, t, t, t|hathathat| cr cr
|intintint|o to to t|he he he |sinsinsin|gleglegle| ey ey ey|e, e, e, of
parts from arms, legs, breasts, neck, face*. Braids of parts from hair*

09   nikuko-fac----------------{facfacfac}

face. i fall to the ground like a worm. i can't move. i jerk about. i want
you so bad this might be a dream. i want your body in my face.  perhaps
i'm not being clear, faced with the clarity and fuzziness of the inconcei-
vably tangled matrices of molecular organization, video and interactivity
in the face of periphyton. fl|flui|uids|ds o| on |n my|my f| fac|ace,|e,
m| my |y ha|hair|ir, |, of parts from arms, legs*, breasts, neck, face.
*Braids of parts from hair


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