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February 17, 2002


i killed off jennifer with a bier a couple of years ago
jennifer returns as a helpmate all the times
she's safe and warm and comforting and conjures dismal julu
julu disappeared into smoke and empathy
she manipulated protocols of alan
  alan was gone among them and gone among all exhausted women
  azure came among them and swept out the cobwebs and nightmare
  nikuko moved among them
       nikuko kept moving among them
       nikuko the dismembered reassembled herself over and over again
       the protocols transformed into programs of war and violence

these people are always these people or the they or the thing
in the night they come in the form of crabs of several disparate types
  pink ones with soft-shelled carapace
  black ones with dark subterranean patterns
  enormous black ones like shields or medallions
       nikuko moved among them clawed from every direction
       nikuko crawled out with her face limbs and neck torn and hanging
       she reassembled herself speak speak nikuko we are listening
       speak speak nikuko we are listening listening

       alan will be killed off by all exhausted women
       travis and honey and tiffany have found serrated claws
       they live among the planets lrns speaallions imbs and neck
       nikuko kept moving among them grams of war we are listening
       nikuko the dismembered reassembled all exhausted women
       cobwebs and nightmares
       e of years ago mes njures dismal julu
       speak speak nikuko are are listenihe they or the thing
       gramallions m every direction jkimbs and neck all exhausted women
       enormous black ones like shields or med cobwebs and nightmare
       listeniherself over and over again
       they live among the planets




i'm jennifer and i know everything. there are bars of pink-red flesh. you
can't go in there. there are shadows as well. the shadows are cool; they
cover the holes. they show you just how dimensional the bars are. the bars
are way in front of the holes. the bars stop the holes from sinking. the
bars stop you from sinking into the holes. the bars hash everything that
goes through them. that is everything gets two variables which access like
indirect addressing. you can't go in straight ahead. you have to go in
with a twenty-eight degree angle. you can fit in with a twenty-degree
angle. you can go in either hole but one of them is more difficult and you
must go in through the bars and change from one to another. everything is
tiny tiny and you can dream with them.  you can only see them and the
scent of them. the scent of them is jennifer and this is all you know of
jennifer and nothing else and jennifer knows everything. jenny sleeps in
niky. you can see niky too.


jennifer and nothing else. jenny sleeps in cc::sun 17 attchmnt:21:36:15
subject : another
you can see niky too.


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