The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive



"of the real and virtual jennifer, julu, alan, nikuko. of the real, alan
is a character but alan is also a stain or residue, almost always alan
wants to disappear but engrave in stone. alan wants to engrave everything
in stone and then rails against totality. it's almost as if alan wishes
that nikuko speaks through alan, both or nothing come out but different,
not therapy or recuperation or balance, but a mess that takes off on its
own: alan with the 9 millimeter, nikuko, they occupy an aspect ratio. alan
thinks: better to return to coding, almost dead here. and scatter-bombs
and the locus of quality text. ./alan ./azure cannot be executed. execute
./.alan. execute ./.azure. locus of destroyed leaflets: hidden azure /
hidden alan = .azure | .alan - no one passes. pipe damage in the ennui-
sector op. nikuko - she manipulated protocols of alan." "alan was gone
among them and gone among all exhausted women." "alan will be killed off
by all exhausted women"


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