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The Truth of Magic (A Note)

The Truth of Magic, may I be the first to reveal it, is that Houdini is
heroic, not for exposing the various mechanisms and pretenses involved in
the application of entertainment and trickery - but for deflecting the
Spiritual Aspects of what we do - as if it were nothing more than doll,
puppet, machine. The Truth of Magic is that Magic is true, not slight-of-
hand; it has been our gift to allay the fears of Gentlemen and Ladies,
presenting ourselves as powerless, even impotent. But nothing is farther
from the Truth; Houdini could move mountains, and those illusionists on
television and stage are in fact doing what they promise. The world is
full of Illusion - 'tis true - but the Illusion is that of mechanism, not

Thus I break with the Ranks of our great Secrecy, Yours, etc. etc.


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