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   is world the | perfect, not imperfect
   a is negation | quality of syntax; perfection is ikonic
   a is negation | decision; beyond inscription, the world lies
   a is good | quality of the world; evil is
   meaningless; is goodness | perfection is meaningless
   a is meaning | carving of the other by the
   inscription inscribes; writing | is written
   a is punishment | quality of ethos; ethos is disembodied
   of book the | nature knows no language
   corrupted, is nothing | nothing corruptible
   the squares semiosis | good and rounds the evil
   is code disembodied | the code of disembodiment
   is meaningless the | good and perfect
   meaningless is identity |
   the is semiosis | simultaneity of equivalent structures
   inscription; is occupation | inscription occupies
   fluid, is all | fractal, quantum within degrees
   is world the | balanced, not balanced
   eternal is imbalance | motion, the torsion of semiosis
   always is decision | quantum
   of legibility the | nature is only the nature of
   chiasm, the cross | from meaning to meaningless
   constructs information infinite | a world
   is information infinite | meaningless
   no is there | deviation beyond inscription
   a is perversion | version of the carving of the
   is face the | everywhere; the world has no face
   has world the | no carving; nothing is written in
   the inhabits organism | meaningless
   of law the | ownership is the ownership of law
   among is ownership | the imperfect and temporary
   of code the | disembodiment is post-mortem
   said, is whatever | is said after one
   is inscription an | meaningless, two inscriptions are unbalanced
   is something saying | never something saying
   said, is what | is meaningless
   nothing is there | of the world
   is center a | an instant
   is it "For | only the finite that has wrought
   lies infinite the | stretched in smiling repose." - Emerson


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