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current reading - all I can do - Maya 4, sed & awk, Premier for Macintosh
and Windows, Emerson, Unix and X Command Compendium, Basic Japanese-Eng-
lish Dictionary, The official Blender 2.0 Guide... You can still find the
last in bookstores - I did - in spite of the fact that Blender's no longer
supported. but you might want to try it - 2.0 has IK (inverse kinematics),
particle physics, forward kinematics if you want it, etc. Complete with
cdrom and examples.

Emerson is impossible - it's the impossibility, inconceivability, I value
here - no one talking like this before or after -

If you on unix/linux, look for the sed & awk book which is quite useful
for text manipulation - you can't beat it -

I've been working more with Gimp and Photoshop, and have yet to try Film
Gimp which needs a linux box to run on - if anyone's using it, please let
me know.

Also reading A Natural History of New York City, trying to get back into

What are you reading?


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