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my brain mind!m: evolutionary-psychology@

tearing the paper, contaminating :there is no more ink, the nib scratches
violently:my pen is blunted and burned out:paper ink:
paper ink

i'm terrorized by ineptitude, impotence, uselessness:the shell of the
skull carcass of the mind:my ideas crash in a burned-out brain:mind
brain:mind brain

the original face faces no other:creativity begins to dry its original
source:letters and words turn to scorched earth::face and letters
letters and face

armless and legless my fingers desert me:synaptic junctions turned
marrow-brain collapse:no truth as my mind implodes with desiccated

contaminated by language i'm silent:i can't write again and can't write
more:fingers crash and shred skin as no ideas form:crystalline
glacial:crystalline glacial

nothing else but damage in this dying truthful world:the truth of the
world is this nonsense:there's no end to meaninglessness:deadly truth:
deadly truth

paper inktaminate
brain:mind brain i watched it an
letters and face
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it so well..
paper inkp
Use of
brain:mind brainue at ./.julu li
letters and faceunk 2.p       <
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How would your terrorize y
paper ink-powders?
brain:mind brain
letters and faceaminated by lang
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The symptoms of your most vio
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brain:mind brain? Help
letters and face line alone


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