The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Susan Graham

SG by window.
Overlook: SG by window. Bldg. Evening sun.
How do you like the motel.
It seems all right
Are you glad you came with me.
More overlook. SG naked waist up.
SG with sunglasses.
It always seemed a bit of a put-on
Nobody seemed interested or motivated
SG dark in mirror. Winter Olympics slalom on television.
Dark interior.
SG naked, hands on hip. Overlay: nervous closeup of vagina.
Or wanted to do anything original
But what what what will happen happen
Uh, eh, no I don't think
Make my way through highschool
I made an attempt at college
My name is Susan Graham
Susan Graham is SG.
I dropped out
I grew up in Miami
SG in mirror, naked, hand on leg, standing, nervous.
SG lying back on bed, naked, legs apart.
Corrugated and encrusted image overlay.
Who is SG.
SG wears dark glasses. She sways back and forth.
The camera is amateurish, nervous.
The camera remains on SG.
Um, it just didn't seem worthwhile
I didn't like [inaudible, college?] so
I guess it's time to move on
SG in mirror replaced by blurred buildings.
Camera nervous.
SG lying back on bed overlayed by blurred buildings.
SG goes silent. Blurred buildings.
Where are we.
Quick shot of SG on bed, sitting.
Woman (SG?) in parking lot, facing warehouse building.
Cars. Overlay: SG against interior wall removing shirt.
Fluorescent light.
Soundtrack sped up, indecipherable. Cloudy day.
SG cornered or safe.
Dissolve to crack in blue-white substance (clay? mineral?).
SG with shirt removed overlayed with crack.
How do you feel
SG in corner. Breasts bruised (bitten? sucked?).
Huddled body. Who is shooting here.
Face in shadows. SG looking out or down.
Sunglasses barely visible. Black hair.
Shadows everywhere.
How do you feel
Camera backs up slightly.
SG by window.
Overlook: SG by window. Bldg. Evening sun.
Total time 1:15. SG ends.


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