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Jennifer's essay of pride and cowardice

god did not intend for humans to populate the earth. by virtue and example
of the first death, there's death for everyone. by virtue of the first
murder, there's everyone's murder, our true disappearance. we're all
chosen people; our time has come, we'll bring ourselves down. because of
abraham, moses, jesus and mohammed, prophets of one and scapegoats of the
other, we're the seeds of world destruction. by virtue of einstein, cosmos
and energy-mass. by virtue of bin-laden and bush, unleashing of fermi and
binding of newton, by virtue of marx and stalin, lincoln and lenin, the
harnessing of humanism in the enlightenment of the slave. god did intend
us to perish, i'm sure. i'm the prophet of perishing. i'm the prophet of
preparation.  listen and believe, believe and listen. i'm the prophet of
mass-destruction, of energy-mass destruction. truly everyone's afraid, and
most of all, of me. of me, me, me. of me.


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